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I feel like my boyfriend really doesn't care about me.

Q.   i feel like my boyfriend doesn't really care about me. he says he loves me everyday but then his actions seem to say otherwise. now we're on summer break and we had been in diff countries so we hadnt seen each other in a few weeks and it always ...

A.   8 July 2009: don't beat yourself up, alot of young guys keep to themselves n r more into tv computers and video games n some guys never change lol so give him time n see what happens... (read in full...)

Am I a weirdo?

Q.   heeey ! right well i would just like to ask people am i a weido for not having a boyfreind or have kissed anyone in my whole life i know i sound like a proppa geek ahah ! but if i could just have you feedback and not rude comments i am sick of the...

A.   8 July 2009: You r not a weirdo at all....You need to be proud of yourself for not wanting to be like everyone else. bc when u get married u will be able to give ur husband something that the "other" ppl (who think ur a weirdo) won't be able to give the ones ... (read in full...)

Changes in clitoral hood size - advice please!

Q.   I used to have an extremely small clitoral hood and after having just one sex partner, it's enlarged to about 2X the size! Is this normal and how do I get it to shrink? I actually feel pretty self-conscious about it......

A.   8 July 2009: usually if you have really rough sex it will swell and usually goes down in a cpl days. You should not be self conscious about it u should be proud of your body, who knows it might just look big to u. ... (read in full...)

If you were in my ex's position, would you forgive my new love interest, his friend?

Q.   Ok for the purpose of this question I'll call the 2 guys Tom and Will. I apologise if this is a bit long but I feel I need to explain the history on this! When I was in my teens I started dating Tom and became really good friends with his best ma...

A.   8 July 2009: first of all this is just my opinion, i would probably talk to him n see if he wanted to be serious or if he just wanted to keep fooling around. If he did want to get serious it wld probably be better to get it out n the open and let everyone know ... (read in full...)

I don't want to be compared to the other girl!

Q.   me and my boyfriend have been together for 16 months im 16 and so's he and we have really good sex he always fingers me and i love it but i found out another girl gave him a blow job while he's with me and i forgave and its made me want to do it now ...

A.   8 July 2009: well i have been in a similar situation with my husband. You will just have to tell him your fears and if he really wants to make it work with you, he will have to try to understand where u r coming from as far as not wanting to be compared to other ... (read in full...)

The best snog of our lives...

Q.   Hey. I'm Mimza and I have a question for you. Me and my boyfriend want to have the perfect most wonderful snog of our lives, and we are researching all the websites, and trying to get advice. I really need some. Thanks! xxx...

A.   8 July 2009: A song doesn't make ur relationship. It's nice to have one for memories but u can have more than one... (read in full...)

I can't imagine being with someone else, so why am I having these doubts?

Q.   I've been with my boyfriend for a year now. He's 22 and i'm 18. He's got a full time job, which means he has to be up for work at 6 every morning until 4 in the afternoon. Whereas i am at uni. Hes my first proper relationship. He tells m...

A.   7 July 2009: there is a differnce in being in love and loving someome. u might love him but r u in love with him??? U need to ask yourself if u r ready to settle down for the rest of ur life bc u r young and there is alot u probably havent done. I got married at ... (read in full...)

What is the right way to ask someone if...

Q.   Okay, I'm female 14. I have this cousin a few months older than me. A few years ago when she was visiting this thing happened. I was outside and had decided to go back inside the house and then I heard giggling, so I went to the room it was coming ...

A.   7 July 2009: wow that is a really hard situation, and unfortunatly alot of ppl go through it, so don't be afraid. U need to just ask her if anything has ever happend like somebody touching her, maybe she will open up to u and make sure she knows she is telling u ... (read in full...)

I get the most stimulation by having sex this strange?

Q.   Is this a fetish? Or is it strange at all? I like sex of course, all types of positions and with my partner. But it seems in all my relationships, even in high school, I always got the most stimulation from doggystyle. Sometimes I couldn't even ge...

A.   7 July 2009: u should never want to get over a fetish lol. it is not strange it is completely normal for a man to like it doggy style bc it causes mor friction on the penis which makes it feel better, instead of just worrying about u try reachin around and ... (read in full...)

I'm mis-reading my wife's signs, what am I missing here??

Q.   I can't read my wife's signs. I get home the other day and she heads upstairs to put the kids to bed. Just before leaving the room, she tells me (and shows me) that she doesn't have any underwear on. After the kids are in bed, she takes a bath. ...

A.   7 July 2009: yes, i do it alot lol. sometimes its nice to tease my hubby, but when i get in bed i want him to take control and let me know he wants me like goin under the covers and making me scream, or just rolling me over and looking into my eyes and then ... (read in full...)

She broke up with me because of her family, am I a fool for waiting and hoping?

Q.   Ive been with this girl for 2 years + we where going fine we loved each other endlessly but on sunday she told me "i need a break" and that she loves me and hopes we can get back together. she says her heads all a mess with whats going on with her ...

A.   7 July 2009: well it sounds like she has alot of responsibility right now and maybe she is just trying to take care of her family first. You should let her know that u want to be with her and thats what u do when u love someone and want to be with them is help ... (read in full...)

I need help understanding shy guys, does he like me or is he just being polite?

Q.   Shy guys are very confusing and frustrating. This guy at my work is around 26. He is so so shy his dad tries to set him up on dates and from what I have found out he only has had one girlfriend. One of my friends at work told him that I thought he ...

A.   7 July 2009: well u have obviously let him know u wanted to be friends, but have u let him know u wanted more? and maybe since yall work together he is worried about u trying to "kiss and tell" so maybe u should ask him if he wants to go out sometime and make it ... (read in full...)

My girlfriend is avoiding me, could it be she cheated?

Q.   My girlfriend is not able to speak with me in a normal way for about 2 weeks. She has a cold distant attitude since then. I tried to be patient and told her she will have to tell me one day when she's ready to let me know what's going on with her. T...

A.   7 July 2009: its not necessarily that she has cheated, maybe somebody said something to her that made her feel like she wasnt good enough for you.Or she might feel like she is good enough foryour family and they don't approve of her. the only thing to do is try ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend can't get me to orgasm and it's causing problems between us

Q.   My boyfriend hasn't been able to bring me to orgasm through any method. Not oral, not sex, not fingering, Nothing. So the other day we were having sex, and trying to get me to have an orgasm. And even though we know that if you focus everything on ...

A.   7 July 2009: well i like to play with toys while having sex, llike a bullet if you know what that is, they r pretty cheap and they work wonders!!! so when your having sex try getting on your hands and knees and get the toy out and place it on your clit and play ... (read in full...)

During sex with my boyfriend I felt a lot of pain. I need advice!

Q.   i have a problem , i had sex with my boyfriend but then i felt alot of pain , so we stopped but since then , i felt pain , after sometime we tried doing it again , but i bleeded,,, i can't seek a doctor over my country,,,,so anyadvice ???...

A.   7 July 2009: well i was having the same problem and when i went to the dr. my uterus was tilted to the back so they told me to try laying on my stomach or getiing on my hands and knees to have intercourse and it helped ease the pain so u might want to try it... (read in full...)

We have second thoughts on marriage, but for some reason, I still think I should marry him

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for about 10 years now and I am having second thoughts about our relationship. We have been talking about marriage and I think he is ready to pop the question but I'm definitely not. I'm not sure if he is the one for ...

A.   7 July 2009: girl, if you r still having doubts after that long its not worth it bc if those things start resurfacing after you get married it will more than likely end in divorce. And if he is not making u feel like the queen of his world than he is not doin ... (read in full...)

Long distance girlfriend wants a week break

Q.   Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 8 months. She came directly out of a two year abusive relationship and i got out a 6 year relationship in which i was engaged about 4 months prior to seeing her. We hung out everyday, while we ...

A.   7 July 2009: well you sound like a really great guy and i know that you love her but, u need to think about what you want do you really want all the drama she is filled with, and maybe you should get out and start opening up to more ppl and options who knows u ... (read in full...)

Getting over someone without avoiding him

Q.   Okay... i broke up with my ex about 2 months ago but i still kinda like him and im friends with him.. he is now going out with someone and i really need to get over him. it takes me a while to get over people but it annoys me.. does anyone ha...

A.   7 July 2009: get out and have some fun. If you get out and let ppl know your available im sure he will slip out of your mind when you start getting all the attention of other guys, who knows he might even geet "annoyed" when he sees you having fun(don't make it ... (read in full...)

My girlfriend has feelings for another guy

Q.   Ok so heres how it goes.. Ive been dating this call for 4 months now. before that, we were best friends for a year, and it was basically the best relationship ever in the beginnin when i could see that she loved me a lot. Now, i dont see that ...

A.   7 July 2009: Well i have been married for almost 4 years now and i still talk to my husband on the phone at least 2 or 3 hous a day and it never gets old. I love him with all my heart and would never do anything to hurt him, so if she told you she had feeling ... (read in full...)

He works all the time is not affectionate towards me

Q.   Question to those,who went down on the divorce lane. Well, I can't make up my mind ,but I think about it everyday,at the last 5 years. I think I will drive myself cazy ,if it will go like that ,for much longer.But I'm really unhappy. Here is what ...

A.   7 July 2009: well that is a really good queation first of all. Everyone deserves to be happy, and a woman should always feel like she is loved and wanted. If he loves you he should want to make you feel like you r the most beautiful on earth, like he wants to ... (read in full...)

He is mistrusting, paranoid, insecure and trying to control my life

Q.   This story sounds minor but it pretty much sums up my relationship with my boyfriend of two years, who I love dearly and he wants me to move to Italy (where he is from)... So I bought two pairs of shoes, I work in a professional setting. The he...

A.   7 July 2009: girl you need to geet out before it is too late. thats how my dad started out with my mom but the longer u stay with him and let him treat u that way the worse it will get. All guys are different but the pattern starts out about the same and by the ... (read in full...)

How can I give my boyfriend really good head?

Q.   How can I give my boyfriend really good head? I've only done it once with another guy, and need ways to figure out how to make him feel good even though I can't deep throat. Thanks....

A.   7 July 2009: well it really depends on the guy, so don't be afraid to ask bc that just shows him that u r trying to please him. My husband likes to be pleased by licking from base to tip then deep throating while playing with his balls, and on the way back up ... (read in full...)

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