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My name is katie walker, im 28, i live in wakefield in the uk, i am currently single after a violent relationship with a 3 month old child. I used to be an agony aunt for a national newspaper, which paid a lot of money, but it got too repetative and i was forced to do it, although i love giving advice to people. I hate it when young people or idiots write about stuff thatyou no that theyre not serious about, but it gets you mad because you know people that have actually been in those situations.

Im a very loving person. i will give anybody help if they would return the favour to me, which is what i like about this site, verybody helps each other. i also love extreme sports although i rarely get time for those now with my baby to look after! i would definitely be into a relationship but im still looking for the right guy, although i do still enjoy the pleasure of sex with a close male friend. im straight, although i have tried lesbianism, but found it wasnt my thing ay all and that in my case girls are better as friends. My best mate in the world is my amazing gay friend, chris. he too is single and looking for a blok, o guys call quick lol. hes the nicest, friendliest person in the world, and id do anything for him as he would me. i love you chris! xxx

The only person who actually listens to me is a Dutch girl on the Internet. Will it ever work out with her?

Q.   i've got talking to some dutch girl on the internet. we do the webcam and microphone thing all the time and i think she is the best person in the world because she is the only person who actually listens to me. the problem is i dont think she likes ...

A.   8 June 2008: sweety, i am soo tempted to say foget it... but then where would the fun be? i suggest that ou keep talking to her and get to know her. Then in a few years if you still talk you may even meet up and really hit it off... darling ife is too short to ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend broke up with me because of his friends. It's the third time. Should I take him back?

Q.   Well my boyfriend broke up with me cause he gave up loving me cause of his friends. He broke up this past thursday over the phone! He recently texted me and said he is getting strong feelings for me and he is going to try and see if he can make up ...

A.   8 June 2008: darling- you are worth somuch more than this guy ever could! you obviously care about him a lot, but in my opinion i would suggest that you forget him. how dare he break your heart 3 times- especially by the phone.he is really taking the mick. so ... (read in full...)

I am confused as to why my bf broke up with me...

Q.   I am confused as to why my bf broke up with me. He didn't give me a real reason, just a text messaging saying its over. My ex bf's friend (who I met him through) told me that the reason he ended it was becaused he wanted to go clubbing and partying...

A.   6 June 2008: hunni, in my opinion that wasnt an excuse. the relationship obviously working out for him, but at the end of the day it his loss! dont you waste your time thinking of what you did wrong, or hy hes given these rubbish excuses. move on with your life ... (read in full...)

They make fun of me because I don't share their vice... is this not childish?

Q.   everyone makes fun of me because i dont smoke weed,do you think thats childish?...

A.   6 June 2008: weed is illegal. I know a few people that have tried it. they started off as successful business people and eventually it lead to cannabis, then cocaine then eventually heroin. Its an addictive, and illegal drug. if you get caught smoking weed, you ... (read in full...)

I still love my girlfriend but I like guys too!

Q.   Ok. so I dont know if im bi or what. I started dating this girl a little over a year ago and then she moved but we are still going out and im very much in love with her..but in december i slept with this guy four times. i only told her about the one ...

A.   6 June 2008: aww darling, your in such a difficult situation! it really doesnt matter about your sexuality, as long as your happy. i do feel however that you are slightly too young to be having such an intimate sex life!!! However, if you feel your more happy wi... (read in full...)

I get horny during my period. My boyfriend won't...

Q.   hi everyone quick question when im on my period i get super horny and i want sex but my bf wont have sex with me bc im bleeding how can i convince him 2 have sex with me? plz can anyone tell me what 2 do he wont go into the shower with me when i ...

A.   5 June 2008: if your boyfriend is uncomfortable with this, dont pressure him, its not fair. how would you like it if he constantly pressured you into doing something you didnt like, for example have sex with a woman in front of him, whilst he videoed it? you ... (read in full...)

FWB, but now I'm falling for him!

Q.   Hey Um I have a question about emotions and sex etc. I have been friends with a guy for about a year, we started sleeping together a few months ago and both agreed there were no emotions involved and it was JUST sex. I have been happy with tha...

A.   5 June 2008: why were you having sex with him? i mean from his point of view it may be ok, but what isnt ok is the fact that you may get hurt in this. If he definitely does not want to get emotional in this may i suggest that the fun sex stops. you will just end ... (read in full...)

How can I convince her to stay with me?

Q.   Where I live circumcision is uncommon and most girls think it's disgusting. I have been going out with my girlfriend for 3 months now and we had talked about having sex soon. I know that she will find my circumcision disgusting, and I'm worried ...

A.   5 June 2008: hunny... whats wrong with circumcision? you may find it tuns her on even more! you never know until you find out. if she does react badly its her loss, shes missed out on a great guy over a little matter. if she really really cared you wouldnt ... (read in full...)

What can I do to recive more attention then what he is offering?

Q.   Iam a 44 year old attractive woman. I am in my secound marriage, and the marriage is going to be 5 years. I dated my present husband for a year before we married. He is also 11 years older then I. Over the past 5 years I have seen a decress in our ...

A.   5 June 2008: Aww babe i really feel sorry for you! i know exactly how you feel as i myself have been in the same situation. ask yourself this... is this relationship going anywhere? your obviously not happy at the moment. do you feel you may have married him al ... (read in full...)

Is my boyfriend still in love with his ex, he says he is unable to commit to me, what should I do?

Q.   I'm going out with a guy who describes himself as "emotionally unavailable" and doesn't want to commit to being in a relationship. He said he's not sure what it is exactly but it could be a combination of some or all of the following: -He's sti...

A.   30 May 2008: ok, so you two really need to sit down and have a serious talk. Is this going to work out? are you a little bit jealous of his ex? if so why not even go and speak to his ex? maybe theres another reason she split from him, like because he acted like ... (read in full...)

I'm 15, he's 25, is it illegal if I am with him?

Q.   hello i just wonderd if u could giv me some advice really i lyk this boy and hes older than me well hes older than 25 and im 15 i jst wonderd is it illegal if i am with him?? and do u think its right?? wb x ...

A.   30 May 2008: well im not from america, im from the uk, in the uk its not illegal for you to date him, but its very illegal for you to have sex with him as your under 16. I would recommend you keep away from this guy, the only reason i can think of a 25 year old ... (read in full...)

Should I not want to date other people?

Q.   I met and started to date a guy 7 months ago. When we started dating I made it very clear that I did not want a boyfriend and was not interested in a relationship at that time, as I was just out of a bad relationship. I also was very clear with ...

A.   30 May 2008: you should sit down and have a long talk with your boy friend. you seem like a really lovely bloke whos a little confused. So sit down and explain to him exactly how your feeling. At the moment you must think about this other guy as well. how are ... (read in full...)

I love her but my friends think she is ugly, shall I go out with her or leave it?

Q.   I love a girl and im 90% sure she fancies me. All my friends are friends with her but they think she is ugly. If i go out with her they will probably take the piss. Shall I go out with her or leave it?...

A.   30 May 2008: of course you should!! your friends are being really immature and if they think shes ugly they should get a mirror! what does it matter antway as long as shes beautiful on the inside and your attracted to her. good luck hun yo... (read in full...)

How do I know if he's serious?

Q.   what if this boy asked you out but you dont know if its serious and you told two of your friends and you dont know if he is still going out with this girl and your afraid that your not going out with him and his girlfriend might geet mad...

A.   30 May 2008: hunni, if this guys asked you out and your a little worried, just say yes, whats the worst that can happen? if he is fooling around and has a girlfriend hes a dick and youve in turn learnt what a waste of space he is. on the other hand though, if ... (read in full...)

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