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How do marriages survive this kind of thing?

Q.   OK, you guys were right. I've been a fool. My wife didn't just sleep with this guy once, she's carried on at least ten times with him. What hurts the most is - we had a deal on the table. I would forgive her her one indiscretion, and she would fo...

A.   24 November 2008: You don't get over it. You get a divorce and find a decent wife. She obviously doesn't love you anymore, she has zero respect for you, and could care less about her children. If I'm lying, then YOU tell ME why she'd do that to her marriage.... (read in full...)

Guys - Are some men afraid of kissing passionately?

Q.   Guys - Are some men afraid of kissing passionately? I have been on a couple of dates with this guy I adore although I'm not sure if he is just with me for the sake of it! The first time we had a goodnight kiss I tried to kiss him passionately (ie...

A.   23 November 2008: Your dental hygiene might be an issue. Or they just don't like all the spit swapping that some women do (because many women are actually terrible kissers - in my expereince anyway). It might also be that they don't want to come on too strong, or t... (read in full...)

Have I been raped?

Q.   (sorry that it's so long) a couple of months ago i got drunk coz my 'friend' spiked my drinks and that night i was sleeping round her friends(John*) house he is about 22-23 he takes drugs n was waiting to go to court for grh(grevious bodily harm) ...

A.   8 November 2008: Yes, you were raped... and I'm so sorry. It doesn't matter if there was pentration involved or not. He forced you to do something you didn't want to do. Ask other people who were there if they know his name or what he looked like, etc. ... (read in full...)

He keeps lying about his porn viewing!

Q.   an interesting question aimed to the menfolk out there: My best friend's bf was watching porn almost quite frequently. she was finding out his habits by checking the history on the pc and thus confronted him numerous times over the last couple y...

A.   29 October 2008: Tell your friend to give him what he wants, and there won't be a reason to watch women on the computer.... (read in full...)

How far will a woman go to hide the truth?

Q.   i am looking for wife had a little fling with another man recently that she says was only a kiss.i don't believe her.she will look at me in the eyes and swear on her kids life and god.has anyone ever heard a woman say this and not even ...

A.   29 October 2008: Rarely, in this society these days, does it ever "just end with just a kiss goodnight." You need to have a SERIOUS talk with her and make sure she isn't lying to you. It's bad enough she kissed. That shows her lack of devotion and respect to you ... (read in full...)

Why is it that guys take longer to admit they are in love with a girl?

Q.   why is it that guys take longer than others to admit that they are in love with a girl? i was with a guy and we were dating for five months until he told me he loved me and i had boyfriend another time and after only dating for one week. why is ...

A.   28 October 2008: Becase at your age, nobody knows what real love is.... (read in full...)

My gf needs time to think as she still misses her ex bf! Do I give her the space?

Q.   So my girlfriend says she needs time to think about things because she still misses her ex. She says she loves me more than she has loved anyone but she still thinks we can't be together. I just found out that she has been calling him and meeting ...

A.   28 October 2008: No, you don't. She should have had time to think about this already. I'd find somebody who knows WTF they want.... (read in full...)

I don't know if my wife and I will ever have sexual relations again

Q.   Well,Cupid, I doubt that even your strongest arrow can solve this problem. Oh. I hear the reply. "Whatever could be wrong?" It's kind of straight forward. The usual, man meets woman, woman and man marry, woman all the sudden doesn't want to ...

A.   28 October 2008: Menopause. The END (litearlly).... (read in full...)

I've been having an affair with my boss. How can I end it and explain to him what it is I'm looking for?

Q.   Im seeing a bloke at work and he's my boss. Were both married. (yeah i know im stupid for doing it). We only see each other when he is staying over in the nearest hotel. We have seen each other 3 times now. I admit its exciting and passionate and ...

A.   26 October 2008: Why dont you just divorce your husband and go sleep with every guy you want? That obviously will make you happier. You seem more concerned with this manwhore boss of yours than the person you promised to love forever. You don't respect your husband ... (read in full...)

Good sex bad situation

Q.   My sister got caught cheating on her husband recently. He is planning to divorce her. My sister is devastated. She had been having sex with her boss for 2 years. He knew something was going on but she never thought he would find it out, but he did. ...

A.   26 October 2008: Why would your sister care about what you did? She obviously didn't love him to begin with because she was cheating for TWO years like a slut. Tell her, she shouldn't care. Move on.... (read in full...)

I resent that he slept with a prostitute, 5 years before he met me!

Q.   I cannot get over the fact that my husband-to-be slept with a prostitute 5 years before he met me. I did the wrong thing and asked for all the details, but he did too when he told me about it when I didn't ask. After three years of living with this ...

A.   25 October 2008: I'll tell you what girls tell guys all the time when they don't like they're girlfriend's past. THE PAST IS THE PAST GET OVER IT, THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT HE'S WITH YOU NOW. Like that? You ladies should.... (read in full...)

I promised her oral sex...would it be tacky if I backed out?

Q.   Help... I need some advice soon. I am a 25 year old married woman. I have been married about three years. My best friend since freshman days in college is a woman my age and married just about as long. In fact, we were each others Maid of Honor ...

A.   25 October 2008: Stop cheating on your husband. That's my advice. You think it's ok just because she's your friend and it's not a man? You're more worried about ruining your lesbian friendship than your marriage. How pathetic. BACK OUT OF IT, tell her this is wrong, ... (read in full...)

Read her journal: did she sleep with him?

Q.   There is one particular ex my GF has that for whatever reason, more than her others, rubs me the wrong way. I don't like this guy one bit. However, he was her first boyfriend, and stopped dating I think at 16 years old. We are 22 now, but she is ...

A.   22 October 2008: She shouldn't lie. Ever. If she slept with him in the PAST, she should have no problem admitting it to you. If she lied about being a virgin and/or who she's slept with, that is wrong. The only reason why these females who respond say its ... (read in full...)

My husband wants me to have sex with another man?

Q.   i need an opinion. i've been married to my husband for 13 years, my husband can't stop thinking about me having sex with another man. we agreed to try swinging a few times even though i was back and forth about it i tried it for him, after ...

A.   22 October 2008: Video tape your sex, and let him watch it. It might just be a visual fantasy that he wants (seeing you have sex). It makes no sense to me that a man, who "loves" you, wants to see their wife make love to another person guy. I never got that and... (read in full...)

Why does he deny that he masturbates at all hours of the day and night?

Q.   hi, im married to 48 year old man. we just got married just this summer. we have a very strong affection and love to each other as well as very active sex life. lately, i woke in the middle of the night that he is masterbating and he do it again in ...

A.   21 October 2008: He's obviously embarrassed of the fact he's married and needs maturbation. Maybe he's used to more sex than just 2 or 3 times a week. Men build up a lot of sexual stress, trust me. Some people also do it because deep down they're not getting ... (read in full...)

Should I give him back his ring?

Q.   okay this is going to sound REALLY dumb after my last post I just did... but my bf of 9 months dumped me last night.. He didn't even have the courage to tell me in person, or even through a phone call! He did it over texting, around midnight...

A.   21 October 2008: Did he say "here you can BORROW this ring" or "this ring is for YOU?" That should clear things up for you.... (read in full...)

I got my revenge on the other woman, and I didn't have to do anything!

Q.   My hubby had an affair, I found out and caused hell on earth for him, asked for a divorce, even got the papers drawn up, did the whole counselling thing, he got such a shock finding out that I was not going to tolerate his nonsense. He gave up his ...

A.   21 October 2008: Obviously you weren't giving what your husband wanted. So in turn he didn't give you want you wanted: faithfulness. I hope you two learned from BOTH of your mistakes and will work harder to keep each other happy (sexually and emotionally)... (read in full...)

Why does my boyfriend want to stay friends with this girl when he knows how she treats me?

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half, and he is still good friends with a girl that used to be MY best friend. He used to like her in 8th grade, but they went out for just a few days (you know how it was back then). He told me she ...

A.   21 October 2008: I have am in a similar situation. I am friends with a girl who used to like me when I was in high school and she was in middle school (10th and 8th grade). We never had a real relationship. Never even kissed. My girlfriend is threatened by her b... (read in full...)

Should I stay in my current (troubled) relationship or make myself available for my best friend?

Q.   Hello y'all. I have quite a delicate situation on my hands. I've liked this girl for over 6 months until she became by best-friend. After we became my best friend, I found out she had a boyfriend and I tried to cool down since I didn't want her to c...

A.   21 October 2008: You shouldn't have to change yourself for your girlfriend. If she doesn't love you for who you are, then she really doesn't love you. If you love another girl, why the hell are you in a relationship with another preson? Was she your rebound?... (read in full...)

Cheating and text messaging...

Q.   My husband and I have been together for 5 years and married for almost a year. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks before the wedding. We are 21 (me) and 23 (him). We both felt ready for marriage but the baby came as quite the surprise. An accident ...

A.   21 October 2008: Yeah, he needs professional help... But there are no excuses from the text messages. If he is having a problems or doubts in your relationship, he should have gone to you about his worries. This happens a lot when (no offense) wives gain weight a... (read in full...)

I don't want to be used again, opinions needed, is he into it?

Q.   I am 21, the guy I am seeing is 32 he is my friend's neighbour. He knew i had a boyfriend when he kissed me the first time, i made out with him because my boyfriend and i in a long distance relationship and were falling apart. it is two weeks la...

A.   21 October 2008: I'm going to answer your questions in my honest opinion "is he using me?" I think so. If some one were REALLY interrested in you they wouldn't act that way. "or do you think he likes me?" He only likes you enough to get certain attention fr... (read in full...)

We are having a baby through incest - what can I do?

Q.   To everyone that doesnt understand, this will seem really wrong but i've been in love with my brother (no not step, my actual brother) for the past 2 years after he helped me get over my cheating ex. At the start i thought it was just an admiration ...

A.   19 October 2008: Definitely don't lie like "Emilysanswers" told you to do. You're just going to dig yourself deeper in the pit you've already put yourself into. ... (read in full...)

I don't want to have sex for a while, but he gets angry and says I don't love him!!!

Q.   Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 7 months and were so in love with each other. im 14 and he is 15. Now dont judge me or think im a slut cause i really didnt mean to or want to do it. But we had sex and i almost got pregnant. My mom found ou...

A.   19 October 2008: Woa woa woa. Don't listen to these little promiscuous rats around here that tell you to lose your virginity at a certain age. Don't give into society's "norms" and set a date to lose it. You need to have sex when you're emotionally ready and matu... (read in full...)

My girlfriend tried to cheat on me with a cyber-lover. What do I do? We have two children together.

Q.   I caught my fiancee trying to cheat on me. She'd been cybering guys on the net for a while (one on which worried me because he was a local) I told her this upset me but just accepted it as a bit of fun. I told her not to give her phone number to ...

A.   19 October 2008: Leave her. She's obviously not in love with you. It's just that simple dude.... (read in full...)

Please tell me what to do? I'm a nervous wreck!!

Q.   Dear Cupid, I've been talking to a man for several months now via phone and email. We went out on our first date and it was wonderful, we had so much in common and everything just seemed to fall into place. He asked me out on a 2nd date and eve...

A.   18 October 2008: passionate kisses, candles, and romantic music ... obviously it was his plan all along, so HE didn't mess up at all. He got exactly what he wanted. You need to talk to him and make sure you both want the same out of this relationship. As of right... (read in full...)

I don't want to have sex for a while, but he gets angry and says I don't love him!!!

Q.   Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 7 months and were so in love with each other. im 14 and he is 15. Now dont judge me or think im a slut cause i really didnt mean to or want to do it. But we had sex and i almost got pregnant. My mom found ou...

A.   18 October 2008: Men will say anything to get you to open your legs. And I'm a guy, so don't take that with a grain of salt. You're a bit too young anyway don't you think? Save your first time for some one special and loves you for real (some one who is mature enou... (read in full...)

I don't fancy him sexually like I do this other guy... but I don't love this other guy like I love my ex!!

Q.   I'm curently in a relationship with a guy who is great, but I slept with my ex a few weeks ago. I know it's a horrible thing to do and I have ovewhelming feelings of guilt!! I just can't seem to get my ex out of my head! The only reason we split ...

A.   17 October 2008: Well first of all, if you have a heart at all you'd come clean to your current boyfriend. I don't care if you don't love him, act like a human being and give him the respect he deserves. If you're really feeling guilty, tell him what you did behind ... (read in full...)

After 2 years, he just dumped me to go date other females! What gives?

Q.   he told me that he loves me but not in love. two years of being together and a year n a half of living together. i supported him and his career options and he lost the career. i helped him start school all cause of me i never asked him for nothing. ...

A.   17 October 2008: He probably wants some kind of sexual attention you're not giving him. OR (I hate to say it) he's not attracted to your looks. I could be wrong, but that's what I've seen happen in my experience. Is everything going good in the sexual aspect of the ... (read in full...)

She wants me to pee on her...

Q.   I've got a weird problem and that is why I wanna remain anonymous, my gf has a weird mind as the other day we were having sex and after sex I was going to go to the toilet and pee and she told me not to go to the toilet as she wanted me to pee on ...

A.   16 October 2008: Well as her lover it's kind of "up to you" to please her. Sacrifices must be made, and I'm sure she makes them to please you. For example, not very many women even enjoy giving oral sex. Perhaps you can let her know that it's not your favorite... (read in full...)

How do I go about gaining a relationship when we have already had sex?

Q.   I am a freshmen in college at the moment. A couple of weeks ago I met an amazing guy. He is a junior. I made the mistake of having sex with him already. Every time I see him I like him more and I'm beginning to think that I want a serious ...

A.   16 October 2008: Getting a relationship with a guy AFTER having sex can be hard. A lot of guys tend to lose some respect for easy women and don't view them as girlfriend material, however you could be lucky and actually have some one who is interested in you. ... (read in full...)

I did lose some trust in her because now I know she loses her guard when she is drunk

Q.   Hey I am in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend of over a year. She lives about 8 hours away and is starting her freshman year at college. She recently got drunk and let a guy bring her back to her dorm and they kissed goodnight before ...

A.   16 October 2008: They kissed goodnight? I'm sorry, but you ARE way too nice. Rarely, in this society these days, does it ever "just end with just a kiss goodnight." - especially when drunk... You need to have a SERIOUS talk with her and make sure she isn't lying to ... (read in full...)

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