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Why does my sister flirt with me?

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Question - (16 August 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 25 October 2010)
A male United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

My sister and i are a year apart im 23 shes 22 we didnt gro up togather and dont have a close relationship. Im seeing her more often now becuse she moved to my state and stays with my other sister that i am close too.

When ever i go around she begins to flirt with me i think, i was painting the garage with my shirt of and she told me i had sexy mucles. she flirts all the time pinching me and poking trying to wrestle throwing things at me.

She conviently tends to be where ever i am in the ouse kitchen living room where ever i mostly avoid her but sometimes i like her playfulness. im not a very emotional or social person. women dont seem to like me so i dont see why my sister would.personally i think im decent looking and in good shape. i do work out.

my sister fell off a trampaline and got hurt she was maoning and crying bruised some rubs and dislocated her shoulder i set her shoulder, she said it still hurt i said she should go to the hospital she told me to just give her a massage i told her no she can go to the hospital or just be in pain she looked so hurt after that so i did and she said it felt good and said my hands where really soft.

The problem is when i touched her i liked it her body was soft and warm i realized that was the first time i touched a woman i had goose bumbs i wanted to touch her in more places besides her shoulders.

I kno this sounds terible but i think she is very pretty shes well developed and has a great body she wheres tigth sexy clothes and smells good and could have any guy she wants. shes diffrent from me she hangs out goes to clubs and parties shes care free and fun. I just like making money and i have alot of business projects clubs are not my thing unless i own it.

im day dreaming one day but im looking in her direction she had on a bra and tight shorts i really wasnt thinking about her she asked me what i was staring at i told her whats the point in talking about what i cant have she turns to me leaning on the counter i could see her nipples through her bra she says how do i kno i cant have it.

i told her thats a good question and left. I dont under stand why she does this she knows its wrong or maybe she doesnt care if anyhting where to happen we would both go straight to hell im probably going to hell any way cause now i thnk about her contantly, i dont think of her as a sister i didnt grow up with her and went atleast a decade straight with out seing her. should i just not care and do what she wants and hope God Allah krishna Budda wil forgive us.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (25 October 2010):

Dude, if she's hot, have sex with her. If you're too scared, send her my way

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A male reader, Aflatoon Tanzania - United Republic of +, writes (21 October 2010):

I think u carry on with her and give her what she wants,imyself would enjoy if i were u

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A reader, anonymous, writes (24 December 2009):

If I were God, I would forgive you. God may forgive you; the big question is whether you will be able to reconcile yourself to the fact of having had sex with sister. The sense of guilt mixed with the feeling of disgust can ruin your positive attitude to life and undermine the solid foundation of your personality.

After all, this girl is your sister genetically; socially and emotionally there is no brotherhood or sisterhood either on your or on her part.

Consider the option of restricting what seems to be inevitable to some kind of “job”.

The situation you describe highlights another problem which is entirely your own. You appear to neglect the fact that man is basically oriented to have a relationship with a woman; to form a pair held together by mutual sympathy, care and obligations. You appear to be falling a victim of your complete disregard of women.

Use a dating service and make a point to meet two girls a week, four a month, 90 a year until you find the right one. I used the same approach and have found a girlfriend. We are together for 14 years.

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A female reader, haley92 United States +, writes (16 August 2009):

um im sorry but where im from that is wrong on every level, if you do not want to be with her then tell her!let her know that it is wrong. i understand that some places think its ok, but i think it is very wrong and im not trying to be mean but i would avoid her as much as possible.!!!!

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