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Why do always have to pee after sex? Sometimes there's blood in it...

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Question - (19 August 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 19 August 2008)
A female Canada age 30-35, anonymous writes:

so i was just wondering, everytime me and my boyfriend have sex i have to pee after. but i dont actually have to pee like when i do pee after its not a lot. it just feels like i have to pee really bad. like today it was so bad i actually peed my pants a bit. like its like i cant control it. we only see each other maybe once or twice a week so when we do we usually have sex like 5 times. and sometimes theres even a little blood in my pee. this lasts like five days after we have sex. please help its killing me

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (19 August 2008):

first is the peeing problem.

As a woman you might want to consider how your body is designed.

All pregnant women know of the having to pee every five minutes or so during the last few months.


Because their bladder is compressed.

Sex does the same thing, due to postion.

Guy on top means his weight is bearing down on your pelvis area.

If you see a doctor as about kegal exercises which will strengthen your muscles that keep you from peeing.

All children learn this control when we are first potty trained and just as quicky we forget about those lessions.

Next is size issue.

Most women have certain size viginas to begin with, with child bearing years they get streached.

But before children there is the problem of tearing.

When men and women first have sex they should go easy.

The woman should be on top to control depth.

As you continue to have sex with your partner you will streach and the tearing will stop as will the bleeding.

During this time between sexual encounters they have a devise that again your doctor can help you find and I think is part of the exercises that is inserted and left inside you for a period of time.

Now the issue you need to be most concerned with is infections, simple white vineger and water duches will keep your vigina acid level up where it should be to keep this problem very small but again you should speak with your doctor.

I would also have a exam to make sure there are no pallups growing inside or fibrotumors.

One doctor vist after sexual intercourse should show the doctor what is happening and they can advise you better since they will see inside what is happening.

So try not to have him banging into you to hard or for to long a time, try and get on top to begin with so you can let your vigina expand easier, even try different positions that work better for your body, get a check up with your gynocoligest doctor, and do your exercises.

Have a wonderful sexy time enjoying each other and I hope much pleasure comes your way.

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A female reader, troysyaussie Australia +, writes (19 August 2008):

troysyaussie agony auntit really sounds like you have a urinary tract infection and when you have sex it irritates it. does it hurt a bit when you pee? or when you hold it for a while? you should really go get checked out hun cause blood in your urine is not good and a sign of some sort of infection

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