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My girlfriend's parents won't let me see her. What do I do?

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Question - (19 August 2008) 6 Answers - (Newest, 27 December 2010)
A male United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

Well ok here's my story:

Ok im really in love with my girlfriend

and i for real when say this we are going to be together for ever.

But right now im in a situation where i really need help.

My Gf's parents well they didn't like me from the start

cuz im well mexican it seemed. But they didn't do anything. Her parents are really strict. And well they were up on her. The got on her emails and well they found some sexcual comments and dat she send me a pics and i sent her pics.......nuthing bad yall we didn't show anything.........but they took her away from me i can't see her or talk to her cuz her parents take her everywhere they go........ its been almost to months i haven't talked to her.......we stay connected by friends.......but im for real i love her she loves me i've cryed every day sense this happen and she has too.

i thought i could wait it out till she gets old enough.

(we're the same age don't worry)

but i couldn't i resently talked to her dad about a week from today..... he accepted my apologie but he said he was goin to think about leting me talk to her.

but its ben a week i haven't heared from him.

wat should i do? And wat should i say?

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A male reader, Henrikson United States +, writes (27 December 2010):

You know what if u are in the same school scretly date, but if not convincer parents that you are a good person. go over her house and have a chat w/ the fam an prove to them ur a good worked for me her parents can't wait for me to go over house that's how much they like me. Just try it it will work. Ps hang out after school and talk with her enjoy her be lucky. Just do it.:)

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A male reader, e900 United Kingdom +, writes (19 December 2008):

Hi, well I am 15 so is my girlfrined, and the exact same thing happened with me, that has happened to you, although in the emails we sent each other it had content of our sexual relationship and her parents read them. Now I can't see her, and all I can tell you is, wait it out, if you to love each other like you say you do, and you're meant to be together you will be. But the only thing I can suggest, is get one of her friends who can contact her, and you create a new msn email address and give it to your girlfriend's friend who gives it to your girlfriend so then when she goes online she adds you and you can talk to her but you have to be very subtle about what you say,

If you want more help on this then email me here at Dear Cupid.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (19 August 2008):

This is verified as being by the original poster of the question

the thing is idk wat to do......

i can she her at all.....

summer has ended.......

school can't get her off my mind........

my pain hurts more and more........

and idk wat to do........

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A male reader, ilikemycousin United States +, writes (19 August 2008):

look i had the same problem till my gf moved in with me but. you don't get to see her alot right. well when ever you do get to see her it is good right. just enjoy what little bit of time you get together. plus spending to much time together will cause ya'll to fight. trust me if they see that you really like her and will not hurt her they will come around. just hang in there. if you r mexi and she likes you they will sooner or later cause they will see that she is not happy cause she can't see you.

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A female reader, beauty344 United States +, writes (19 August 2008):

beauty344 agony aunt I believe that you should give it little bit more time wait ontill the end of the summer and than call the dad up and let him know how you feel about he's daughter .. But i think you guys are going to be alright dont worry if the love is strong like you say it is it's not going anywhere so stop stressing and have fun schools almost here goodluck and takecare sweetheart .......

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (19 August 2008):


Time doesn't stand still but true love lasts forever.

So if she loves you and you do her then the best thing you can do for each other is to use the time you have right now away from her to better improve your life since I would guess that you want her to share it with you.

So work on work, school, or personal self knowledge.

Improve yourself and her parents will have nothing to complain about and during this down time they will see she is still thinking of you.

Love is all about life, and the use of such for each other.

You should be thinking of each other more each day then anything else. You should be thinking on how to share your lives together.

To love someone is to put them first before yourself most of the time, not all of it. Neglecting yourself would not be in her best interest, so remember a balance, a understanding, and communication must be maintained always for all or love and life will be harder.

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