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What does it mean when someone kisses you on the head?

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Question - (9 September 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 11 September 2008)
A female United States age 26-29, *aTy101 writes:

im gonna explain this in brief, it was a week since i have last seen him, today, we go out a bunch of us, as we are waiting for a friend, for different reasons, the guy i like(and i am starting to think likes me back) get out of the car, then he looks at me,(it was dark but i cud see he was lookin at me) and said show me, have u changed? in a smiling tone, cz we havent seen each other in a week, then afterhestraightns my curls and says let me see if ur hair grew longer, and then he sayd no, as he was behind me now, while him saying it hasn't grew i tilt my head back then he holds my face and kisses me on the forehead! what does that mean, i asked a friend and he said it mean respect...but i need to know, does that confirm thathe likes me?!!... i was surprised so i didnt do anything and cant rememebr what i did...but what should have i done...plz help im so ahhh cant even explain it... plz help me!!

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A female reader, michelleAKAmandi United States +, writes (11 September 2008):

michelleAKAmandi agony auntHey there,

How old is this guy? and it seems with your last tid bit of information that he may in fact like you. Before knowing he held your hand I was going to suggest that you didn't read too much into it, because usually a kiss on the forehead from someone is a mere mean of innocent affection.

Until he makes some other moves or says something in particular it's hard to tell, but if he was holding your hand it's very likely.

Do you have a mutual friend you could ask about it? I mean if you guys have been hanging out with other friends then there should be someone you could just ask, "do you think maybe he likes me?" Or just wait and find out for yourself. After all that's what young love and relationships are about. The anticipation, excitement, giddiness, sweaty palms and etc... etc...

Good luck and let us know what happens!!!


PS - I could read the excitement in your post/question. That's so sweet.


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A female reader, KaTy101 United States +, writes (10 September 2008):

KaTy101 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

ok, i forgot to mention that a week ago he held my hand as we were in a car, me and him in the back and 2 other friends in the front, does that change anything??!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 September 2008):

well, yeah - he obviously likes you some, but that's not really your question. your question is whether he likes you the way you like him, as much as you like him, and/or with similar implications as you feel arise from your feelings for him. and that's absolutely impossible to tell from the minimal details you've given here.

maybe he thinks you're cute and enjoys the ego boost. maybe he's madly in love with you but deathly self-conscious and can't bring himself to make a move overtly maybe it's something in between (like you're his best friend's kid sister, and you forgot to mention that in your post). impossible to say.

the key point is that you're 18-21, and there's a guy you're interested in, who's showing some level of interest back. my advice would be to try to play things out, and to pay careful attention to what happens. there is every possibility that it will not work out the way you hope. maybe it will even result in a few moments of embarrassment. fortunately, you're young, and these things will be forgotten sooner than you know. don't get too carried away with fantasies, and treat this as a learning opportunity. one of the best things you can do is learn to develop good judgment when it comes to reading guys, their signals, their intentions, etc. the other best thing you can do is learn to rely on yourself and to trust that you can pick yourself up and be just fine, after a good long cry, when things may not turn out the way you'd hoped.

best of luck

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A female reader, starismine1 United States +, writes (10 September 2008):

starismine1 agony auntHis behavior shows me he knows you like him and he knows that he can touch you and flirt with you and enjoy the attention your liking him is giving him and do things that stimulate his sexual fantasies about you. Kissing you on the forehead has no significance other than that,its playing around with you to stroke his ego. I would say, next time he tries to touch you and kiss you, don't let him. Tell him only guys you date and care about get to do that. Think that you deserve to be treated respectfully, and this means limiting intimate touching with guys who earn the right to do it.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 September 2008):

yep he likes you :D

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