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What can I do? I want to kiss him but I'm scared of getting hurt

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Question - (29 October 2015) 2 Answers - (Newest, 30 October 2015)
A female Nigeria age 22-25, *ovefellaz writes:

I have this friend of mine and we've been close for some time.

I went to see him some time last year and then we had our first kiss but i didnt want to go further cos i was dating at that time. Now am single again and i went to see, in the course of our conversation he made a gesture for a kiss which i declined.

After i lèft and we got talking on the phone he sounded annoyed, telling me that he mustn't ask me out for us to kiss or make out that a kiss or more could as well mark the beginning of our relationship.

We really like each other but the truth be told i really wanted that kiss but i didnt just want a kiss or love making, i wanted more.

Now he says that what i want is 4 him to ask me out but what if he does and after the kiss and sex he breaks up. That i should define a relationship based on a guy asking me out and that a romantic moment shared could build some thing.

I want to kiss him and all but am scared of doing all that and then get hurt cos of past experiences. What do i do? please help

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A reader, anonymous, writes (30 October 2015):


I think you should convey him what you really feel. Just tell him that you want things to proceed slowly and would like to date for now without any physical intimacy. You need to build an emotional connection prior to getting physically close with someone or you might end up regretting it. Because I've seen many "friends" faking love in order to get women to bed.

If he waits and respects your point of view, then he is worth keeping or you would know what he was after for.

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A female reader, Lovefellaz Nigeria +, writes (29 October 2015):

Lovefellaz is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Should i just live in the moment and hope that something good comes out of it or should i keep declining till he finally says the word that will mark the beginning of our romantic journey?- Lovefellaz

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