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What are the best Adult dating/ sex personal sites for REAL results, and are some of them scams?

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Question - (15 January 2008) 8 Answers - (Newest, 7 November 2008)
A male United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

I am recently broken up from a girl I loved very much, and Im living the single life. But I don't really want a relationship, and I'm really just looking for a few hookups in my area. So I joined 2 sex personal sites,, and I was wondering, are these sites scams, because when I was a standard member, meaning I just signed up for free, I would get many emails, which I could not respond to until I upgraded, and paid $30. However, when I paid, and wrote them, and several others, emails, I didn't get ANY responses. so I was wondering, are these sites scams, or are these real people not responding?

also, I was wondering what the best sex personal site is, for getting REAL results. like ones that people have had actual luck with.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (7 November 2008):

try craigs list & search for NSA (no strings attached) and local & u'll c there are zero to few matches. good luck though.

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A female reader, clairej993 United Kingdom +, writes (7 November 2008):


Not ALL of these sites are scams ,I have been a member of of the above site and i have met up with few guys over the last 6 months for no strings fun,its quick and easy,good luck

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A male reader, markspx United States +, writes (12 October 2008):

I can say... yes they are ALL scam... same thing, plenty of emails and winks until I joined then very little except for a few very fat, ugly women that were more desperate than me...LOL.... Just ended my paying membership at received over 160 winks and hits in 2 months as a "NON PAYING MEMBER... until I joined... then NOT ONE would write back...

more than half the ads have wrong dates "hi I'm 35 yrs old...", but the profile will list 30yrs old... or someone listed as local (NEWQ YORK FOR ME)... but the ad will say they live in Cali... 3000 miles away... or with HM... I've found photos (must be from a Magazine) listed on a profiles of 3 different women... different ages, different cities.... and when I emailed HM... they said "we'll Look into it and remove fake profiles"... well guess what their still there...I think they hire people to act as teasers... lure you in and once they have your money... they're gone... so don't waste your money like I did... go out to a bar... hell look for a bar fly if you have to... you'll get alot father than from joining a site... if you need more info contact me at [email address blocked]



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A male reader, anonymous, writes (16 May 2008):

hi there,

i did upgrade on amateur and after i did i never got another message from anyone,so i know it's a scam.i called them and got my money back!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (23 March 2008):

Horny matches is a scam. All of the female profiles are "bots" that generate automatic response for users with a free account. Even without posting a picture or updating your profile, you receive "winks" from several attractive ladies in your area. Very fishy. Why would an attractive female reach out to you without a picture or anything else for that matter.

So you get all these "winks" and messages from available women in the area who are interested. The problem is that you cannot respond to these ladies unless you "upgrade" to a regular membership for $30 and that is where they get you. Once you have upgraded to a regular account, then all communication stops. Also, most of the pictures are taken from porn websites and are not even real pictures.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (29 January 2008):

Hello dude, ive joined Horny matches and beleive it is real but not that many women. Where as ametuer match i havent joined. I have had hundreds of mails from girls saying they like my profile lol.

The thing is i havent put anything on it apart from the very basic to see what happens.

If you do a search through the women online or with pics in your area, you wont find any of the girls that emailed you on there at all, bit strange aye.

Its a scam, a very clever 1 but with floors.

If it seems to good to be true, it more than likely is.


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A male reader, Dr Vendetta United Kingdom +, writes (16 January 2008):

Dr Vendetta agony auntthe best dating site out there is called The Real World.

They are ALL scam sites. thorw the site name into google along with scam.

you got off light this time, as i';m in a meloncoly mood, other wise i'd ahve ripped you a new one about internet dating.

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A male reader, Transcowboy United States +, writes (16 January 2008):

Transcowboy agony auntGo to, its 100% free and you can pick if u want just a hook up, which in your case is perfect. Have fun

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