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What are the age ranges for kids in American high schools?

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Question - (7 February 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 10 February 2008)
A female United Kingdom, *araduddy writes:

Hi please can someone inform me at what ages do people who go to high school in the usa are. Like in secondary school its age 11-16?? something like that and 16+ Is high school? Help me out here im from the UK

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A female reader, bschell21 United States +, writes (10 February 2008):

Right now it's around 14-15 for 9th grade, 15-16 for 10th grade, 16-17 for 11th grade, and 17-18 for 12th grade

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (7 February 2008):

Yes, this is a difference between the USA and the UK.

In the USA, most high school seniors (the last year of totally public/free education, before college classes begin) are finishing in the spring at age 17-18. A few get out earlier than that, but graduating at age 16 is unusual.

The alcohol age is 21 just about everywhere here. This seems quite high, but adults don't want kids all starting to drive AND drink at ages close together. The drinking age used to be 18 in some states, but the alcohol has a way of falling into the hands of 16yo kids when there are other 18 year old kids in their same school classes.

The car driving age is 15-16, depending on which state you are in. Usually 16 before you can do it totally unsupervised.

The "legal" age in most other things (buying tobacco, signing legal contracts, etc) is 18 years old.

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A female reader, deejuliet United States +, writes (7 February 2008):

deejuliet agony auntIn the USA kids generally go to elementary or primary school for kindergarden through 5th or 6th grade which is ages 5 until about 11. Middle school or junior high school comes next which is 6th or 7th to 8th grade, ages 11- 14. Then comes high school starting in 9th grade and ending at 12th grade, ages 14-18 years old. Hope that helps!

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