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She is so gone...i know it but why does it still bother me?

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Question - (4 April 2011) 2 Answers - (Newest, 4 April 2011)
A male Kenya age 30-35, *oe culls writes:

hello all...

this will be short. i broke up with my ex 3mnths ago. we went into less contact and then no contact..during this time, she started talking to a certain guy she met 3 weeks before our break up. I left them alone. I was out having fun and discovering myself. I did alot but at the back of my mind she was still in my heart. We recently ran into each other in a night club and alot of fun together. I enquired about the current boyfriend and she denied. Why? Its been two weeks but she hasn't been serious about us. Her hot and boldness sparked curiosity in me. I used my other facebook account to find out what she has been upto. Apparently, she still talks to that same guy and it kind of they are now dating though its LDR.

am totally fine with this but why does it sometime bother me?

why is it that when I decide to keep quiet she sends me a random text atleast once a day?

why cant she tell me straight in my face she has a boyfriend, why deny?

I want to move on completely, what do I do and how do I treat her? Cold or should I just ignore her?

should she be genuine. I would consider having her back.

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A male reader, joe culls Kenya +, writes (4 April 2011):

joe culls is verified as being by the original poster of the question

joe culls agony auntThanks for your answer. Already. She is out and abouttt. always out having fun and getting high. I really pity her boyfried cos she ain't that innocent gal I dated. She told me she Just want to be a friend but when I act friendly she feels bad

When I keep quiet, she sends a random text. I wouldn't mind dating her again

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A reader, anonymous, writes (4 April 2011):

If its an LDR she's in she will get lonely and will be out and about as he's not around every day. If you want to remove her completely from your life don't respond to her texts,delete her number. If you do that she will know the doors closed and you can move on and have fun till your ready and meet someone special

If you consider having her back, just ask her outright but make it very clear you want total honesty - however if you feel you have to check up on her via Facebook then you clearly don't trust her which isnt a great basis

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