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My nippes don't get hard!

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Question - (16 June 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 16 June 2008)
A female United States age 26-29, *attie90 writes:

hi ok this is super embarrassing to talk abt whn me n my bf r havin sex or whn were fooling around my nipples dnt get hard at all the only time nethng like ths happens is whn im cold i wanna kno if thrs sumthng wrong with me cuz im embarrassed by it me n my bf have been datin 4 almost a year n i wont let him c my boobs cuz im so embarrassed by it is this normal idk wht 2 do or 2 say 2 him abt it cuz i believe he would laugh abt it is thr sumthng i can do 2 make thm hard or sumthng thnx

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A reader, anonymous, writes (16 June 2008):

I think that all of my girlfriends, including my first and second wives, were either 34B or 36B. I found nothing wrong with any of them. My first wife's nipples never got hard at all, but my current wife's get hard all the time and they are small. I couldn't care less which they are. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You sound perfectly normal.

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A female reader, peace-and-love United Kingdom +, writes (16 June 2008):

Small breasts are good :P 34B is absolutely fine. There's nothing to worry about - if your boyfriend loves you and finds you attractive (which of course he does) there'll be nothing to worry about with him seeing your breasts. If you tell him your insecurities and ask him to be supportive when you show him and to tell you if he likes them, to give you compliments and stuff - prompt him if he doesn't, ask him what he likes about them - that will give you so much confidence because you trust him and therefore his compliments will mean so much more.

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A male reader, Peterk5699 United Kingdom +, writes (16 June 2008):

Peterk5699 agony auntIn response to your 2nd question I think getting a padded or water bra would make your boobs look bigger unless you mean look bigger when topless in which case I believe there are various food which can help but thats not a certainty, you'll have to ask the other aunts (and uncles) about that bit.

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A male reader, Peterk5699 United Kingdom +, writes (16 June 2008):

Peterk5699 agony auntif your boyfriend truly loves you he won't laugh just because your nipples don't get hard.

We all have our bodily faults, that's life I'm afraid.

Your boyfriend is the last person you should be embarrassed about seeing your boobs.

Next time you have sex just let him see them and I'm sure, if he really does love you etc he won't laugh or anything because he loves you the way you are.

Good luck!!

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A female reader, mattie90 United States +, writes (16 June 2008):

mattie90 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

mattie90 agony auntok also i have very small boobs theyre like 34 B n i dnt thnk im pretty or nethng is thr sumthng tht i can do 2 make thm look bigger or make them bigger without surgery plz help me im very self conscious i have no confidence plz help

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