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My girlfriend is paranoid she is pregnant even though she is a virgin!

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Question - (11 June 2011) 5 Answers - (Newest, 13 June 2011)
A male United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

My girlfriend is driving me crazy! She thinks she is pregnant even though we never had sex and she is a virgin!

About 4 months ago we messed around and these are the 2 reasons why she is worried:

1: I put on a condom and then started to finger her. She was worried I got Precum on my fingers ( which I'm sure I didn't) and then transferred them in to her vagina.

2: She got on top of me and was wearing some lace knickers- I got my penis (which was still in the condom) and rubbed it on the outside of the vagina- pretty sure it was over her underwear but she is sure it was slightly in her vagina but I  never came in her.

She has continued to get her period but has noticed they don't last as long as usual and she gained about 6 lbs.

She took a pregnant test and it was negative but she is convinced the test is wrong. She is paranoid she will have a concealed pregnancy where you don't know you are with child until you give birth!

Also she keeps feeling movement in her tummy.

Can she be pregnant? She is now refusing to mess around again. She is 19.


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A female reader, angziety United States +, writes (13 June 2011):

angziety agony auntIt doesn't matter how the precum gets to the vagina or how far up into or close to the vagina it is put; sperm will find its way to the egg. That's its job. It is highly unlikely pregnancy will happen from anything you have done but I for one do not believe in immaculate conception (how Jesus was supposedly conceived) and I have read that people get pregnant when they have their clothes on (soaks through undies and such). It is not impossible; just highly improbable.

But, yes, if she is freaking out this bad you two might want to consider doubling-up on the protection. I do not advocate The Pill because we are finding more and more info about this stuff that is not good. If she DOES decide to get on a pill, do not get on anything with DROSPIRENONE in it (Yasmin, Yaz, and about 10 other names of pills) and look up "birth control pills and supplements" so that she can be sure she takes the right supplements as The Pill, ANY PILL, will deplete your resources and make your body do funny things like make your hair fall out.

Hormonal methods of birth control always carry side effects. Do research before you decide on anything.

Umm.. if she is absolutely convinced that she is prego, she can get a FREE pregnancy test at a women's health center in your area and it's the highly sensitive type. While she's there she can talk about different methods of birth control and maybe get on something or get free condoms.. etc. etc. :)

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A female reader, Tyedyedturtle United States +, writes (11 June 2011):

Tyedyedturtle agony auntHaha, tell her to take a chill pill. The paranoia isn't anything unusual for an inexperienced girl. I remember being there and worrying about the dumbest things! However, I read up on what I needed to know and my fears went away. I also started the pill for even more protection. Suggest that to her, perhaps? But make sure she reads up on sex ed and goes to the gyno to discuss these issues. The pill might be a smart choice, now, though.

Secondly, stress can cause your periods to be slightly off and can also cause you to "eat your feelings", hence the six pounds. She isn't pregnant. She is just stressing and obsessing about every slight thing and her mental attitude is making it worse! She needs to chill!

Best of luck!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (11 June 2011):

In truth, I don't think anything you've done could get her pregnant. Although there is a small possibility of precum impregnating her, you'd have to really get it up in there -- it's got to make it past her cervix, and fingering won't really do that.

If she's a virgin, she'd KNOW if your penis had penetrated her...and I doubt she's been penetrated if you say your penis wasn't in there. I mean, she would have felt some pain.

She's got herself so worked up about being pregnant, that the STRESS has made her feel she is. Have her take another test, maybe going to Planned Parenthood for a test better than what can be bought at the drug store.

The fact that she's had a regular period (although maybe shorter than before) probably means she's not pregnant. She's only 19, and honestly, at that age, your hormones are changing anyway, which could be a factor in her "symptoms."

Further, if she is actually four months pregnant, she needs to go to the doctor for prenatal care. She can't be TOO worried about the baby if she hasn't gone in for that.

She also needs to go the doctor and get a birth control prescription (because I don't think she's pregnant), especially if she ever wants to mess around again.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (11 June 2011):

I think you should give her sex education. Get her articles, cds and stuff. And you should go to a doctor.

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A female reader, Dear Mandy United Kingdom +, writes (11 June 2011):

Dear Mandy agony auntHI

if she beleives she is then she can still get the symptoms of pregnancy. ( its called a phantom pregnancy) Where the body believes its carrying a child, because she does. After what you have discribed she cant possibly be pregnant. Tell her if she is that worried to consult a Dr, that way he will put her mind at ease with the truth, that she is not pregnant. xx

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