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My friend acts and looks feminine, could he be gay or maybe undecided about his sexuality?

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Question - (28 May 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 30 May 2008)
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, *untimes writes:

Is he gay or is he straight?

I think my friend is gay. i asked him and he said no. he has displays of vases and bought me crystal glasses. we were drunk and he walked arm in arm with me. he wont dress in front of me. he has had sex with 2 women 1 was a 3 month fling but never loved her the other was a escort, hes 23 and just left the army.he cant talk to woemen or chat them up and is embaressed around them. he cant openly talk about sex. he acts feminine and looks it too, way he does his hair. i bought him swim trunks for our holiday a few weeks later i showed him a pair in a shop similar to what i bought he said hed never wear them but on holiday he did. we go cinema all the time, bowling, for lunches and picnics, i am gay myself but im the only person he sees other than his family.

he doesnt find men attractive, sexually or whatever but finds men easier to chat up. My question is is he gay or is he straight or does he not realise what he is yet. i have heard that some men can take longer to understand and come out cheers

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A male reader, JaimeB. Spain +, writes (30 May 2008):

JaimeB. agony auntThe way he acts with women makes me think hes not gay because gay feminine guys have lots of ease with women n difficulties with men.

But the way he acts when hes with you makes me think the contrary, there is one possibility you haven't handled: he might be straight but have feelings for you. It wouldn't be the first time because as you said you are always together and that means you 2 MUST share a special bond and that sepcial bond might mean ~LOVE~

What you have to do if u like him is telling him the truth! Talking to him about your feelings is the best idea because if he likes u back then i'm sure your love story will b BEAUTIFUL n if he just wants to b your friend hell tell u, n u will stop suffering thinking: IS HE OR IS HE NOT?

I hope my advice was useful.



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A female reader, pepper27 United Kingdom +, writes (28 May 2008):

pepper27 agony auntHi Hunny

He may be sweetheart then he may be just quite feminine, He may feel comfortable with you love...Ive known of men to get engaged and be quite alot older before they realise there sexuality. It all depends on the person how they feel and what others have maybe said to them he may be scared to come out love, He was in the army so although Im sure there are gay men in the army you dont really get encouraged to see yourself that way...Just be his friend hunny and let him live his life and maybe one day your question will be answered..TAKE CARE WITH LOVE N HUGS MANDY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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