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My boyfriend works all the time and I hardly ever get to see him

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Question - (14 August 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 10 September 2008)
A female Ireland age 26-29, anonymous writes:

my and bf and i have been going out for a year but he works all the time and i never get to see him maybe once a week but sometimes only 1 every fortnight ots really getting me down because we text everyday but i have to wait till like 10 at night to talk to him bause thats when he finishes in work but then hes really tired and barely talks to me! its really getting me down! were im 17 and hes 18! and now were heading into the year of our a levels so ill never get to see him cause of work at the weekends! what should i do please help!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 September 2008):

ah im in the same situation my bf is a electrition and we both went to the same school but now he has finished and is working all the time he does so much over time and i just want to see him , today i stuck it to him and said i cant handle not seeing him any more i said i was not going to just sit around and wait any more im going goto go out and live my life with or with out him , but i really hope he understands how much i want him , i hope he comes home soon. STICK IT TO THE MAN

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A female reader, Deema United Kingdom +, writes (14 August 2008):

Deema agony auntI know this life, it ain't easy kid, and thats for me a very mature and independent woman, but for your age - well its very hard. My husbnand also works sooooo many hours, but I have my life, I get on and live it and see him when I see him. Sometimes its ok and sometimes when there are problems its veeeeery hard, but thats how our relationship seems to work best. When we spend a great deal of time together we fight, so probably best this way. We love each other very deeply, and really care for each other or we wouldn't go on. BUT my husband wants me to introduce my daughters to his friends in the same line of work, and theres no way I would do that because I think the life is too hard for a young girl. When you're young you want to be with your boyfriend, go out have fun, be around each other, not alone waiting al the time. Though the answer is DON'T WAIT - get out there and do whatever it is you want to do then whether he's there or not you've got a good life, and who knows, it might get so good you don't need him any more. We can't expect men to provide all the happiness and enjoyment in our lives, we have to do that oursleves, but if you want a boyfriend whos there for you, sounds like you need to move on. Good luck hun.

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (14 August 2008):

At 18 does he really need to work all those hours? If not then tell him he needs to cut down or you will leave him.

If he does need to work that much or he just chooses to then it's up to you. You can either accept the situation and stay with him and put up with it, or you can leave and find someone else.

There are no other options really. Sorry.

Good Luck!! xx

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