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Is it weird to stick something in my anus?

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Question - (5 April 2009) 5 Answers - (Newest, 9 December 2009)
A male United States age 30-35, *michael writes:

I am a 22 year old male and I have heard that when you masturbate and stick your finger or something up your anus that is acts as a G spot for men. Is this true? And will this hurt my anus or prostate. And can this even cause Prostate Cancer? My question really is, is it safe to stick something in my anus, with lube or anything, really safe? And is it weird for men to do this and do any women do this for there men?

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A male reader, funkykev100 Canada +, writes (9 December 2009):

sticking your finger or anal toys up your ass is perfectly fine. but don't tell your friends because it is still considered taboo. it's fine, it feels great, it won't give you cancer. wash your fingers or toys to prevent bacteria infection, otherwise, it's cool. so relax!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 June 2009):

Some men can get an anal orgasm by using a finger or similar. If you want an orgasm from your prostate it is sensible to buy a device specially made for this. I suggest the Aneros Helix which is medically designed to stimulate and massage the prostate.

From the above, you will gather that lots of people like inserting things up their bottoms so it is quite OK for both sexes. Make sure the thing is smooth and well lubricated and can be withdrawn afterwards and is, of course, the right shape and not to large. As a guide, about the size of a finger is OK.

Hope this helps.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (5 April 2009):

If you are relaxed and take it slowly, it :

- is a good feeling

- is practiced by both heterosexual and homosexual males and has absolutely no significance on your sexual preferences (the only significance being that you are more at ease with your body and less blocked by social prejudices)

- is definitly not a cause for cancer

- is totally safe as long as you follow some basic principles:

make sure the object has no sharp edges,

make sure it won't break (no glass, no carrots),

make sure it is long enough to stick out and won't get stuck

do it slowly,

take it a step at a time,

make sure the object is spotless clean before insertion,

thouroughly clean everything after, as the lower intestines have some specific bacteries that won't do well outside.

best is to wrap said items in a condom, it is already clean and can be discarded after use.

Have fun, and later on if he/she is up to it, ask your partner to do something up there also!

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A male reader, ArmyMedic United Kingdom +, writes (5 April 2009):

ArmyMedic agony aunt1, It is true, the male G spot is the prostate gland (up your bum and slightly forward with a finger will do it)

2, It may hurt a little

3, NO it will not cause cancer unless you use a uranium rod

4, It has it's risks, bowl perforation, loss of anal tone, Anal prolapse, internal bleeding, and infections. But these aren't too common, the most common thing we see in the ED is things that get stuck up there when guys "fall on them"

5, Not weird at all.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (5 April 2009):

I personally know one thing it hurts like hell for that to happen to me. i use to do that to my husband and he enjoyed it however it was a one way street he didn't do that with me. i wouldn't let him. i guess it all depends on what you are sticking and how relaxed you are with that.

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