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Is he trying to push me away so I'll fight for him?

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Question - (19 April 2012) 1 Answers - (Newest, 19 April 2012)
A female United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Please help aunts and uncles So ive been talking to a 21 yr old guy i went to school with. We never talked until about a week ago he msg'd me on facebook bc he saw me at a friends tattoo shop and thought i was nice, and pretty. So here's my dilemma..I run into a mutual friend of ours today and he asks me if i still talk to an old friend (a female) and i say no, he gives me her # and tells me to text her.

So later on he's w/ the dude im "talking" to and i text him and asks if that girl still lives around there. i doze off and wake up to texts and fb messages telling me "oh well i read his texts and you seem more into her than you are me so f*** it" then sayin he just needs to think..Like really, i ask about a GIRL that i used to hang out w and get mean messages from this guy?

I went to his house and it was fine til the next morning, really awkward, no sex though. What do yall think of this? Is he overreacting or am i underreacting?

It feels like he wants to push me away so ill keep fighting for him....

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A reader, anonymous, writes (19 April 2012):

Why would you fight for such a guy who acts like a spoilt little child after only a week?

There's nothing to fight for OP the guy is a dick, run away and run away now. If he gets this controlling and jealous over you texting a girl, after a fucking week of talking to him, then he will make an exceptionally bad boyfriend. Get out while you can. Don't suffer this fool any longer, he's a complete idiot.

OP grow up, this guy is not worth the steam off your piss, nevermind fighting for him. Don't waste you time on little boys OP, only men who are mature and secure are worth fighting for.

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