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Is he throwing hints? Is marriage in the works?

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Question - (31 August 2014) 2 Answers - (Newest, 31 August 2014)
A female United States age 30-35, *onfused2014 writes:

Okay so here it goes 2 1/2 years ago I met my wonderful boyfriend we do things together help eachother out financially we live together he says his house is my house and his family loves me and mine loves him.....he helps me with my daughter from a previous marriage infact he he calls himself as dad and my daughter calls him dad he loves and absolutely adores my daughter and we absolutely love eachother 100%

Reasently he's been giving me me hints on wanting to get married ok cool I'd marry him in a heart beat if he asked me....

Here are the hints: for instents there's one day we was sitting outside and we was talking ect... About what are future plans are and ware we would like to see eachother in the future all of a sudden out of the blue he says "your def earning my last name" and gives me a big kiss but when i ask him about it he kinda ignores me meening are u saying ur gonna ask me to marry you? I got no awnser

Then there's a time he's like one of the guys at work just got married today....I was surprised he went to work he said if it was him I'd want to stay home and spend time with my new wife......then the ladies in the office asked when are you getting married??? He said to the ladies....I give her hints all the time but she seems not not get that I'm throwing hints at her...he's telling me this and then when I get

Excited about the idea of the possibility he's says we're not getting least not yet....

Then there's another time ware I was looking information up online about a certain subject....he's like that would be nice but what I really want is to get married.....then I ask him about it he says leave me alone about it

Recently he said something about buying me a ring okay awsome I gave him an idea of what I like and my size and said ur the one who started it so I'm giving u ideas.... Then the other night we was laying down together and he's says

This lady at work waited 30 years to get a ring from her husband....30 year holy crap I said that's along time to be waiting on a ring I said what was it she got he told me it was a princess cut speaking of isn't that what u like is the princess cute and he asked me again what's your size and I told him I'm a size 4 1/2

Then a about a month again we found out his cousin is getting married at the Cincinnati reds stadium right before I went to work ......he's like wouldn't it be cool to get married at the buckeye stadium I said that would be awsome as hell (I'm an ohio state fan) I said we do that we would have to go the whole nine yard with dresses and tux ect... If we do that you might want to get a loan cause this buckeye wedding won't be cheap lmao then we was talking about his buddy is a michigan fan he would be the best man if we were to get married how funny it would be to have him in Scarlett and grey.... Then I turn around I said idk why we're even talking about this it's never gonna happen and I'm completely fine with that... I said u don't wanna marry me anyways... He's like now don't say that cause when u say that it sounds like u don't wanna spend the rest of ur life with me....

Then I kinda get ideas and show him the cool stuff we could do and he's like we're not having a wedding like that...

He's really confusing me he tells me he wants to get married then turns around and says he don't want to get married

Then my mother has gave us idea of going to galinburg ten to get married totally love the idea easy and it could be just us

He said no we're not having a wedding like that...we would get married at the court house and have a big get together if we was to get married...again I'm totally fine with that I've already been married before so that's not a big me

The beinging of the year one of my best friends got married I was one of her bridesmaids I wasn't to thrills about having to spend nearly 300 dollars on the dress and we was sitting there with his mom talking about it I said I think it's silly I have to pay that much on a dress I'm gonna ware once his mom agreed with me...he sat there n said why don't you save it for when you.....never mind he said.....his mom finished the sentience what for when she gets married.... I just kinda didn't say anything then he got really quite and when to go hang out with his dad

We was in the jeep one day and he turns up the radio and "we ever get married this is the song I want to dance to with you"

I for one haven't brought nothing up at all it's been all him....he's bring up the whole marriage and wedding thing I haven't said nothing to him...I do like the idea of getting married to him and having his last name but the questions does it sound like true genuine hints or is he playin head games or dragging me along so to speak... I'm just curious I really can care less I'd be with weather were married or not it's just I want to if he playin head games with me?? Or is he really giving me hints... Once he says those things I just kinda let it go and don't ask any more questions but I still look at ideas ect... Cause of the possibility just wanting your guys opinion thanks

Last weekend his cousin got married and he I over heard him and his dad talking I didn't here what he said but heard what his dad say it's a two way thing u both have to agree with what u wanna do

Then the next day I was talking to him about something then he stopped me in my tracks and asked me if I would get married at the court house it surprised me when he asked I ovoislybsaidbyes of course I would then that was it

his aunts and several others was like yeah she's almost a ------- it's comming soon as they was introducing me to some ppl in the family then his aunt was like yeah that's my nephews to be wife I just kinda looked at her she's smiling then I

He hasn't said nothing to me but he was talking to a family friend I walked up to him and the other guy they quit talking really quickly the one guy almost spilled the beans I think then my bf was like I'm not in this I'm walking away and I love u!!! and gave me a kiss then the guy started talking about something else like a starting a bowling leag and my boy friends like thank you

His friend refur me as his wife and now his family are refusing me as his wife ok I'll take that but with the hints I have given does it sound like he's wanting to get married

Does it sound like he's wanting to get married to you ??? Or is he playin with the idea he told me it would be random... But I want to know your opinion thanks

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A reader, anonymous, writes (31 August 2014):

For me he loves the idea of weddings. The probability of asking n giving hints he wants to marry you is really huge like 99 percent.

If he dont usually speaks about getting married in the past then suddenly he keeps bringing up the topic, for sure he see himself marrying you.

I remember when i was engage with one of my ex. He keeps saying to me i am the one. He wants to marry soon. Almost always saying it most times even in front of his family or friends.

I was like what are you saying cuz i was still young to get married at that time. Then one day i was just surprise he gave me a ring.

That was the day i got engaged. The rest is history. Based on your story i do think he have plans to ask you to marry him.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (31 August 2014):

"Does it sound like he's wanting to get married to you ???"

It sounds like he's talking a lot but doing nothing to back it up.

Facts are he enjoys all the benefits of marriage with none of the responsibilities, he stands nothing to gain by marrying you, and should he so desire he could put you and your daughter out on the street at any moment with no obligation to provide any type of support to either one of you.

Bottom line is that if he really wanted to marry you then he would already proposed. I suspect he's telling you what you want to hear to lead you on while being careful to make no promises to which he can be held.

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