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Is he for real?

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Question - (3 December 2007) 1 Answers - (Newest, 3 December 2007)
A female Kenya age 41-50, anonymous writes:

hi, i need help. I met this guy at a bar, i frequent, over the weekend. i was pretty hi and cant even remember how i gave him my number. he sent me a text message the following day saying how he has been admiring me for quite sometime now. i have been outa a relationship for long and i really dont know if this is for real! he has only texted me since then. how come he cannt call?

how do i get to know if its for real?

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A female reader, leanne.od United Kingdom +, writes (3 December 2007):

leanne.od agony auntUntil you speak to him, you aren't going to know. unless you are telepathic and can read his thoughts.

High or not, you gave him your number and if he wasn't truely interested, he wouldn't bother texting you. he doesn't want to seem over keen so he is not going to bombard you with a million texts, especially if you don't seem into him.

my advice? call him, arrange to meet up, go for a drink, have a laugh and see how things escalate.

best of luck.

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