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I'm having doubts about living with my boyfriend...

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Question - (18 October 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 18 October 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

hi im kinda a bit confused with this the thing is im not sure if i really want to live with my bf permantly i stayed at his for bout 8 weeks he lives about 5 hours away b4 coming bk home to my parents it was gd and all but now im back home i keep getting doubts about leaving my family and friends cos everything seems to have changed

and i know the longer i stay here the harder it will be for me to go as im supposed to be moving in november or if not january is this normal cos im back home or shud i just give it a go i really dont know what to do and its making me doubt if im doing the right thing by leaving my family and friends everytime i seem to be happy i always end up spoiling it by worrying too much or changing my mind im just afraid of going to regret leaving for good

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A female reader, birdynumnums Canada +, writes (18 October 2009):

birdynumnums agony auntOnce you are living together, and you are supporting yourselves, and you have sex, why would he ever ask you to marry him - should you want to make it legal? There have been so many women who have written in to DC asking why they are still waiting and what to do...

I don't even know if that is what you want - but if you DO want that eventually (and I'm sure that you have formed you own ideas about what you envisaged for yourself while growing up) - then what do you do if he strings you along for 9 years and you are sitting waiting? Move out? Waste 9 years waiting and hoping? Not to mention your biological clock?

You might think that none of these questions apply to you or matter, but you might want to think about IF these things are going to matter to you EVENTUALLY a few years time. Best of luck.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (18 October 2009):

this is one of those questions you should answer your self.

living with a partner is different from just going out. you had the opportunity to experience it for 8 months. did you like it? did you feel comfortable around him 24/7?

just think about what is important for you, and what makes you happy.

hope it helps

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