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I want to know if he likes me though I'm with someone else

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Question - (31 January 2006) 2 Answers - (Newest, 31 January 2006)
A female , *ysh writes:

hi there! it seems that everthings turned out different since i have known this guy.i met this guy where i used to work. we are in one department.the one big problem is i dont know if he likes me or not? i want to know the answer. nahihirapan na kase ako. actually, im already belong to someone else,we have a baby. and alam naman nya yun. this is where my problem started. i asked for his number from a friend,i used to text him everyday,i even send emails to him just to let him know how i miss him. i know he knows that i like him. and this time i want to know if he likes me. can you give me some tips to know if he likes me??i think im starting to fall for him... thank you and im hoping for your quick response. have a great day!!!

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A female reader, ecascen +, writes (31 January 2006):

ecascen agony auntHey! Kamusta? Filipina rin ako.. So you wanna know if he likes you? Simple question: Does he show it? Guys show if theyr'e interested in you. So you'd know. But why should it matter? i mean, you DID say you belonged to someone else.. And you DO have a baby. So your'e falling for the guy. I think that the best thing to do would be to completely turn your feelings off for him. Your'e a mother and a wife. You have a family. You should think of others too.. I have this friend and he fell in love with this girl so they went to a motel but they didnt do anything because he already had a wife and a daughter. He thought of them before he thought of himself. Sana magaya mo siya. He was much happier with the girl than with his wife but he knew it wouldve been wrong to leave them. Always do the right thing, though it may not always be the thing you wanna do.. Your'e an adult right? Im only 17 but i know that what your'e doing is wrong. And try putting yourself in your child's shoes. If you left them right now, after, let's say, 10 years or so, and s/he saw you again, how do you think s/he would feel? Would s/he understand? Would s/he accept it? Would s/he be hurt? Please dont make selfish decisions for your happiness' sake. Your'e not the only one who has feelings. Please, please, please think about what im trying to say. I hope you take my advice.

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A female reader, auntie claire +, writes (31 January 2006):

auntie claire agony auntdear rysh i don't really know how to answer this one as i am in a simalar situation normally i would say feel the vibes that they are giving off but thats to people i know as i don't know you or this other guy i can only say tread carefully you don't want to put yourself in a sticky web as it says in your letter you have spoken to this guy for a long time so you must already have some sort of closeness with him why not try and suss him out by just talking to him don't go to much into depth about how you think you feel (and remember you just think your falling) you must be sure how you feel before opening up this can of worms.

i hope i have been some help to you and i wish you good luck and peace in your life take care

bye bye x

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