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I like my wife to be an exhibitionist! Is there anything wrong with me?

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Question - (25 June 2008) 10 Answers - (Newest, 17 August 2014)
A male India age 41-50, *hriskundi writes:

I like my wife to exhibit her boobs and butt to a stranger, infront of me.

I have even got her sexy lingerie and asking her to show off her sexy body to others like milkman, paper man, neighbour etc.

Anything wrong with me?

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A male reader, zyxwxxx United States +, writes (17 August 2014):

I don't think there is anything wrong with you. As long as both of you are enjoying it, it is fine.

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A male reader, dave710 United Kingdom +, writes (19 May 2010):

nothing wrong with you at all i would like my wife to show hreself to other guys too

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A male reader, DrJohnca United States +, writes (26 March 2010):

I don't think there is anything wrong with you asking your wife to dress sexy allowing some of her assets to visible at times. I buy my wife many, many sexy outfits from DEEP V neck tops (open to her navel), to very sheer tops to having all but one button unbuttoned on her shirts when we go out. Yes, she also wears mini skirts showing off her legs.

The thing is, whatever she wears, she MUST NOT give a slutty appearance. She MUST always look classy. This means the clothes she has must look taylored, etc. and very nice. I love my wife dressing like this and flirting with other men. She does it not only for my benefit, but more for hers as she also loves flirting. It does spice up your marriage, but make sure the ground rules as set.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (9 November 2008):

If you keep on doing this you will find that most of the men in neighborhood will start creating problems for your wife.Don't you care for her at all?.Do you want her to be raped someday?.Yes there's something wrong with you.Does your wife like this sort of crude behavior?

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A male reader, happy as ne United States +, writes (9 November 2008):

i my self have found my self and my wife in a situation like the one u discribe. it is so wrong and dirty that we find our selvs wanting to do more as well as dirtyer. we try to stop and worry we will have regrets but it is so hot. we have had a friend of mine fondel her bare breast and masterbate her with a toy. women like to be lusted after but their hearts r true. it is fun and so dirty and so good when u can share ur dirtiness with her and she can induldge her needs.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (25 July 2008):

Nothing wrong with it provided you both are comfortable about it. You must think your wife is beautiful! It can make for an exciting sex life and also boost up your wife ego as she knows that the one she loves the most think she is drop dead gorgeous. A lot of girls likes flaunting their body but would not admit to this as they perceive this to be unladylike. However, they usually contradict themselves by wearing sexy clothes that gives others a peek of their breast and sometimes their nipples and more. Have fun and enjoy it, I know she is.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (18 July 2008):

Hello, Chris -

There may or may not be something wrong with you... I can't say.

I like for my wife to show off her body, too, and I am completely comfortable with this. I don't think I'm a perv. If someone else perceives perversion in it, then I suspect that the perversion resides in the perceiver himself, and not in me or in my wife.

My wife wears sheer, see-through tops or oversize tank tops real where you get a good side shot of her breasts. One time, I even got her to backpack topless on a fairly crowded hiking trail in the mountains. When men and boys look, I get a real rush.

I understand that we are socialized from a young age to think this kind of adventure is disrespectful to the woman. I challenge anyone to logically state why this SHOULD be so, without recourse to religious doctrine or sacred texts, which carry very little weight with me.

It is simply an adventure to do this in a society where so few peopole do it. If our society were more open, it would'nt be so fun. It makes me happy to offer others a delightful spectacle that is so darned unexpected! There is nothing nasty about it, and to those who disagree, I suggest that you are carrying the nastiniess with you. It is not in me or in my wife.

Best Regards,

Matt the Dude

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A reader, anonymous, writes (25 June 2008):

I think that a lot of men like their wives to look sexy. I think that many men also like it when they are out and other men look at their wives. It probably makes them feel like they have someone special as a partner when other men look at her. However, I think that you are taking this a bit too far. Wearing tight jeans and a tight top to show off her body is a lot different than flaunting an almost naked body at the neighborhood.

If you and her both want her to show herself off to other men then she can become a stripper and show off all she and you want to men and women who want to see her assets. She will also make money in the process. I doubt that you or her would want to know what she is called by the neighbors if you go ahead with your desire.

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A female reader, eyeswideopen United States +, writes (25 June 2008):

eyeswideopen agony auntWhat does your wife say about all this?

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A male reader, wildman United States +, writes (25 June 2008):

wildman agony auntMaybe a little strange but could be fun as long as she is interested in only you.

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