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I have not heard from him, what should i do?

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Question - (6 August 2007) 1 Answers - (Newest, 8 August 2007)
A female age 30-35, anonymous writes:

We always had a good relationship with each other. we have never been officially a couple you could say we are more like friends but where we care a lot about each other.

we met a year ago at work and got on straight away. i left as this was only 2 week contract and we swapped numbers and he said to keep in touch. well we did. we met up with another colleague for lunch two weeks later. the colleague went back to the offfice and i went on some businss with him. we spoke loads about everything and anything. he asked me question like when am my parents going to get me married. he told me personal issues about his sister. told me he never had a girlfriend. then when it comes to say bye he grabs hold of me at the station and hugs me really tightly and then asks me out whilst he still has his arms round me. we never went on this date. in fact we have never been on date. we have tried many times and both said to each we always say we will meet but never do, it just something always happend and we never did. but this never stopped us speaking on the fone, texting or online.

from september last year until feb this year the communication between us was a lot. we didnt go 2/3 weeks without any contact. then things changed. about two months after that he moved for work. he told me about this in dec and asked me wot i thought about it. he then said to me that it would only be for a year and then he would come back home. well he moved in april. we said goodbye. we hugged and he said he was going to miss me, and then i said that we should do somethiing next time he home and he told me to come to him and he hugged me again and kissed me on the cheek. its the first time his kissed me. but the have millions of virtual kisses.

two weeks before he moved he texts me at 5.30am asking me how i am. i was bit annoyed at first. he then said that he cant sleep and he tinkin abut the move and his new life. we texted for about half hour. flirtous texting. in fact we flirt constantly..on fone, text online and in person when we do see each other. when we see each other we both look at each just smile and i tink his face lights i know mine does.

then few days befoer he moved we spoke everyday on fone. he reminded me of something we havent spoken about since september. and when we were speakin online about two days before he moved he reminded of that thing again. it is something that is stupid but something we talk...about...somehitn special between us. well then is hiden messages about the thing he told me i would have to wait a few years for that (i took that as in wait for him to come home) and we just got silly

well since his moved i know he is constantly busy as he is a demanding and stressful job. we havent really spoken properly since he left only once that was in may coz i really needed his help on something. that day he said something to me and i took it the wrong way and cut himup on the fone. this was about 10.45pm and then 8.00am the next day he texts me asking if everytin is ok. i texted him back sayin everyin was ok. that whole night i did not sleep, coz if you didnt already realise im in love with this guy and he doesnt know and i dont wana lose him.

a few weeks later he texts me on my old number at 1.30am asking me how i am. but i didnt know that coz i dont use that number and it was only by chance the next day that i read it. i replied to it.

then few weeks later in june i texted him tellin him im going on holiday in few days and it will be good to hear from him,. he texted back sayin he been really busy and stressed with work. well i aint heard from him since. i texted him two weeks ago tellin him i was back from hol. but he didnt reply (he is a bad communicator and i always known that and he knows that i know)!!.

what do i do now? i dont want to loose him. what excuse can i use to text or call him? what can i write in a text telling him i really miss without actaully saying. i can see a future with us togthr.

any help please

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A reader, anonymous, writes (8 August 2007):

Why didn't the meetings take place, when they were settled? What came up, who postponed them? If it was you, it may have been a sign for him you're were not interested, and this would explain to an extent the level the relation was limited to, or not. I don't understand how far exactly he left and whether it's temporary. Also, I don't see why so many texts, why so many "flirts." The flirting is usually in the incipient stages, and some persons apply this startegy to feel good about themselves. To me, it's very sketchy, it's... playful. Next time you have a conversation with him, without things that are implied/go without saying etc, be... clear about everything. And see if there are chances... Although his non-response isn't encouraging, he may be indeed busy with work or find it hard to believe in a relation "at distance." You have the right to try and be convinced. Don't text him, call. His voice can betray" " his state, and take it from there. I think you're both acting too "shy" with so many texts etc, you're 22-25... In other connection, there will always be other opportunities if this won't work. Time you have...

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