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I feel like I'm ugly and people stare at me

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Question - (22 March 2011) 3 Answers - (Newest, 23 March 2011)
A male Canada age 22-25, *herno writes:

I am a 16 year old guy. I am extremely vain about myself, I tend to be afraid of people and what they think of me in other words...I absolutely resent this. I am always soo depressed when either I feel bad about myself and keep degrading myself, because I believe I am very ugly. I have asked a few people what they think of me, but they all just say that I am not ugly, and I should stop degrading myself! I believe that they are always lying and just saying that to make me feel good about myself. But I have always had this nervous anxiety and agitation, usually when I am around people, at school, go out to somewhere, etc. When I get on the bus, people just stare like idiots, I just feel like throwing something at them...When I cross the street, people stare at me from the inside of their cars and it really brings out my frustration and thinking all the time that I am ugly and they have not seen a person like me before...I have no idea of how to overcome this problem..but I badly need some help..I am also very interested and almost desperate to have a girlfriend. The truth is..I have never had a girlfriend in my life, because I get intimidated by them in a good way. They are really gorgeous but I think Im ugly, and Im afraid to talk to the ones I like because they'll probably judge me. It really sucks, I have been sooooo shy and agitated. At school, its a total different thing from being at home. The atmosphere is different and since Im at home, Im more calm and relaxing because there is nothing to be nervous about, as oppose to school where you dont know whether people look at you meaning negatively, I tilt my head up and with the corner of my eye I see them all staring at me...Im in a hole!!!! Someobody give me some great advice!!! Could it be because I came from Sweden and I act a certain way that is different than what people usually think someone would act??? Man...such a bid deal put of everything are people, dont know why!!!

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A male reader, Cherno Canada +, writes (23 March 2011):

Cherno is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Why are people rude in public, when I cross the street, people stare at me from the inside of their cars, and it really gets on my nerves!!! Also, I can name a whole bunch of scenarios where this is the case. As soon as I get on the bus, people stare at me as if I was not a human being and from another planet...I dont know why this happens, no matter what, every single day!!! It has been going on alot now in high school and not soo much in Elementary and younger years. I get really "people sick", in other words sometimes I regard myself as being afraid of people because of the way they look at me.Always suspicious looks!!! I have to overcome this problem of shunning myself out from society just because I don't like how people stare at me..I always hide myself because idk..i can be ashamed of the way I look..Im scared of going to malls, stores, even walking on a sidewalk in where im in sight of people because they just stare and i don't like it. I feel anxiety in myself when Im around people..guess Im not a people person..but still come on..I seriously need help!!! Im very shy and vain!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (23 March 2011):

People stare at ugly as well as good one but I don't know what they are considering by looking at you

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A female reader, iamdani Canada +, writes (23 March 2011):

First off...your not ugly. I know i don't know what you look like but no one on this earth is ugly! everyone has a unique look that may look strange to some people but completely beautiful to others. I am 16 too, never had a boyfriend and trust me i have that same feeling, i think that i am ugly too but i just have to keep my head high and stop thinking that to myself. I am in a family of 6 and i have 3 siblings, i believe that i am the ugliest out of all of them and it really hurts but you know what makes me get up in the morning? Confidence. Thats all you need. If you keep telling yourself your beautiful you will believe it and soon enough, thats where your confidence will come from. Even if you never do get that confidence. don't let people know that. make them think you have the most confidence in the world! If you want a girlfriend, confidence is key. Girls love when a guy is confident. they don't want a boyfriend that thinks of themselves as ugly. And also, if you want a girlfriend to love you have to first learn to love yourself and by the sound of it with you thinking your ugly and all that you don't love yourself. So you have a few things to work on before you get a girlfriend!

and always remember, your not ugly!

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