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How much weight will i loose walking 3km a day?

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Question - (29 August 2007) 3 Answers - (Newest, 29 August 2007)
A female South Africa age 26-29, anonymous writes:

how much weight ,an average ,wil i lose if i walk 3km a day for two week and eet only 3 times a day? plus drink lots of water? thx. xxx. im 16 if thatl help any.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (29 August 2007):

as long as your meals are healthy then i think you'll definately lose weight and feel better but give it time and just try and be happy with yourself

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A male reader, duce00 United States +, writes (29 August 2007):

duce00 agony auntWeight is not by itself a great way to measure your body or your level of health. Every body has different builds and just plopping yourself on a scale doesnt really tell you the whole story. Look into BMI (body mass index) on the net. But be aware that the BMI is still only statistical not an actual measure of the fat on your body.

I know this may seem like alot of nonsense to you but the only reason I am so adamant and educated about this is that Ive allways been rather heavy by weight but not really fat just stocky. My ideal weight is 195lbs and that is with about 10-15% body fat, for a 5foot 10inch guy thats pretty heavy. When I was in the Navy I had a real hard time because I would get flagged as overweight and then Id have to do a new BMI with extra measurements just to keep from being called non qualified due to weight.

So my point is know what is right for YOUR body and use the numbers as reference not the all mighty truth.

Oh and PS: try eating 5 to 6 smaller meals a day and keep it healthy. Stay away from starch and processed foods. Keep the water flowing. Try not to eat about 2 hrs before bed. All these little things will help your body get to where you want with out starving and getting all stressed out.

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A female reader, YummyMummy United Kingdom +, writes (29 August 2007):

YummyMummy agony auntI don't think anybody can say exactly what you would loose hun. All you can do is try this and see how much you do loose. If you are unsure then why not try talking to your doctor who can help you with what foods to eat/not eat and other exercise you can try.

At 16 walking 3km a day and eating 3 healthy, meals a day with a ranged diet, plus drinking lots of water sounds very healthy to me. :)


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