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How does a woman know when a man is in love with her?

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Question - (14 August 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 2 October 2009)
A female Dominican Republic age 36-40, anonymous writes:

I have a question for a male.

How does a woman know when a man is in love with her?

Thank u.

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A female reader, sbarr10 United States +, writes (2 October 2009):

I'm not a male, but here goes ...

When a man gives the gift of his time. When he wants to be with her. She's not left wondering why he didn't call, or waiting by the phone, because chances are that he'll be right next to her.

When he sticks up for her. When he chooses her over his Friday-night bar-hopping buddies. When time together might just mean comfortable silence, i.e., when she's over at his place settled down in a comfy chair reading while he is working on his laptop. When he doesn't (willingly) take on extra work or commitments after the relationship has started, so he can keep spending time with her.

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A male reader, DoubleM United States +, writes (14 August 2008):

DoubleM agony auntA few suggestions . . .

When he contacts you daily. When he holds your hand walking around most anywhere together. When he puts his arms around you while sleeping. When he kisses you at almost every meeting, especially on the neck too. When he mostly looks into your eyes when talking across a table. When he laughs at your funny comments. When he hugs you often. When he tells you that he loves you . . .

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A female reader, troysyaussie Australia +, writes (14 August 2008):

troysyaussie agony auntI am not a male but I really wanted to give my imput on this one. You can always tell if a man really loves you or not, if you are in tune with him. True love gets expressed in many ways and a woman must be observant of the vibe she gets from the man she is with. A woman can sense things very rapidly. This becomes a communication thing where a man and woman need to be expressive and perceptive, respectively.

There are several indications that a man is really in love with you. Primarily, how a man treats you in general, says a lot. Is he caring, thoughtful and respectful of you? Does he think of you, when he does something for himself or does he just look after his own needs in your presence? A woman or men for that matter can, rather quickly observe arrogance or ignorance. If a person is self centered, it is an ugly and obvious observation for someone to make of another person. Nobody wants to be with a person who only thinks of himself or herself most of the time. In cases like these, people might wonder the purpose of being in a relationship with someone who ignores them or treating them as less important than themselves.

There are some traditionally respectful gestures that a man can make toward a woman, which shows her that he loves her. For instance women love flowers, in particular roses tend to make a big impact, especially red roses of love. Also, chocolates make a big impression on women. Flowers and chocolates are traditionally things, which seem to acknowledge a woman’s feminine side. The other big item men give woman to express their love is jewelry, specifically a ring, which symbolizes commitment to the relationship. A nice dinner out is another expression of love. These are all things that many women look for when determining if a man loves her or not. Of course, not all men are traditional in the ways that they express their love, and so a person has to look at the different communication styles of men with regard to love. Obviously, there is the physical and sexual side of love and this certainly can express a lot of love too. Very often, sexuality is the focus of a lot of relationships and a person has to decide if they are with the person they want to be with in this regard too.

There are so many variables involved in a woman determining if a man really loves her or not. Sometimes women judge a man’s love by the way he looks at her in a crowded place. Women feel a certain peace when they know that the man in their life loves them and does not want to romantically pursue other woman. Commitment is a big variable in any relationship. People want to know that the person they love and spend time with loves them back to the same intensity. Overall, love is mysterious at times but when it is there, it is very obvious.

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