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How do I stop myself from gagging?

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Question - (1 February 2011) 7 Answers - (Newest, 5 February 2011)
A female United States age 22-25, *ew_at_this writes:

Alright so I'm 18, my boyfriend is 20 and we have been dating for just over a year and a half. I have given him my virginity and he has given me his. I absolutely love having sex with him. We don't do it too often but when we do, it's so perfect. He makes me safe, secure, and completely loved. However, I don't like the idea of oral sex. I have tried giving him head once but the taste made me gag. I truly do not like the idea of oral sex. He says he doesn't mind either way and that whether or not we ever have oral sex won't change anything. I want to try oral on him again and he says if i do, he'd like to try to do it to me as well but the thought of sexual liquid in my or his mouth is nasty to me. So here are my questions...

How can i keep myself from gagging from the taste if i gave him head again?


How important is oral sex in a relationship? (currently it's not a big deal to us but I'm afraid it may become one in the future)

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (5 February 2011):

If You want to perform oral sex on him. Ask him to wear a flavored condom. This will give You a pleasant taste while preventing any sexual fluids from entering Your mouth and it is still very pleasant for the guy reciting it. Also manuel stimulation is a good alternative to oral sex, You and Your partner will get Your hands dirty but nothing will enter the mouth and it will be no worse than masturbation for the partner the giving end of the equation.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 February 2011):

Oral is completelyy not necessary to your relatoionship. If you both enjoy it, then by all means go for it. But if you don't then you shouldnt feel that you need to do it. Do what you enjoy. But I promise you you get used to it after a while. It seems strange and weird at first but as they say practice makes perfect! its just new to you, you'll get used to itt. Im 16 and I thought it was weird at first too but its not anymore.

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A male reader, nikida656 United States +, writes (2 February 2011):

nikida656 agony auntoral sex isnt important in my oppinion but i know the perfect solution to the problem

Before you try to have oral with him agin brush your teeth and brush your tongue with your toothbrush this will make your gag reflex stop reacting for the next hour or so.

another thing you can do to ensure you dont gag is use unflavored mouthwash because it's very strong and will make it so you cant taste anything for the next hour or so as well if you combine both of these methods together you will be giving your bf a killer blojob!!!!!

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A female reader, Bahdbitch5starz United States +, writes (2 February 2011):

At first it may taste bad but you most likely won't realize it after a little while , here's some tips on giving great oral sex; and not tasting it:

1.) use your hand too so that you get the whole penis and it also prevents from you gagging from it going too far in your mouth.

2.) use flavored lube; or just deal with it and your saliva may help

3.) make sure you suck and lick the shaft and tip, it will please your man

4.) don't be insecure girll

5.) try moving your hand in rotation while also sucking the upper half of the penis

6.) oral sex is not nessisary in a relation ship but it makes your sexual relation ship more exciting for your man

7.) in time it will get better!

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A female reader, Tyti United States +, writes (2 February 2011):

Tyti agony aunti've heard of flavored lube or something like that with various flavors but other than that there isnt much you can do about the taste, my advice just try to enjoy it more and focus on making his eyes roll in the back of his head making his breathing faster because i used to gag alot too but just focus on making him feel good works for me might work for you too. and i used to practice when i would be brushing my teeth seeing how far i could get it in my mouth without gagging it helped too.

and honestly in a relationship i personally feel that sex is better than oral sex even though i would love both.

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A female reader, charliesdevil73 United States +, writes (2 February 2011):

charliesdevil73 agony auntHonestly, a lot of women don't enjoy oral. It's something they do becasue they love their man and want to please him. And you can't give up after only one try. I used to hate it, but have learned to enjoy it within the past few years.

Here are some things to try...

1. Ask him to wash up first to see if it is, as RayBones states, the flavor of sweat and whatnot you are tasting. If it is sweat or whatnot, ask him to wash his cock before you go down on him. Most men are willing to this because they know it gets sticky icky down there.

2. If it is not the sweat, it may actually be psychological. You may think it tastes bad because the action itself seems gross. One thing that I tried with my fiance was flavored lube. I like to use those when I give him head. It also makes it easier to use your hand in conjunction with your mouth since their is already lube on his cock. It also helps mask the taste of cum a little bit, so it's like killing two birds with one stone. You can usually find a variety pack online for less than $20 with shipping included.

3. If you still don't really enjoy it, suggest it as foreplay only. A few minutes here and there won't be too bad. It will also be like a teaser for him. He won't know when you will stop with the head and give him the real sex. It might be fun in that sense.

On to your next question. I believe it is up to the individual to decide whether oral is or isn't important. It can't be a yes or no for everyone. But, at the same time, I agree with RayBones on the fact that it may end up being important since this is the first sexual relationship for both of you. You have to remember that oral is just a different sensation for men and most men would chose intercourse over head if given the chance. And you view on the "liquids", (the thought of sexual liquid in my or his mouth is nasty to me), will probably change over the years. I did not like oral either way when I first started having sex. I thought it was nasty as well. But, as I matured sexually, my views started to change. Give it time

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A male reader, RayBones United States +, writes (1 February 2011):

RayBones agony auntI would say overall it is not a big deal. But that's only because I have it. It's like money, never having money matters, once you have it who cares anymore.

Does oral sex matter to A relationship, no I don't think it is important. But since it is the ONLY relationship either of you has had, than I do think it will be important. Sexual exploration is part of being young, and without having explored a lot of those paths a guy may feel like he never "sewed his wild oats"

I think you should try it, and yes it does taste bad at first. Lube that penis up with your own saliva first. It sounds gross but nothing cleans the sweat and whatnot from genitals like using spit as lube and giving manuel for a bit before hand.

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