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How can I please my boyfriend?

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Question - (19 December 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 22 December 2008)
A female United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Well me and my boyfriend just had sex for the first time about two weeks ago. Well it was my first time but not his. at first it hurt hen he told me i could get on top. I'm not experienced at all and i dont really no how to ride him or even how to get his penis inside me, (its quite hard). I know he really wants to enjoy sex with me but it intimidates me that he is experienced and i'm not. he tries to make me more comfortable but then i end up more uncomfortable. Someone please tell me how to please him the same way he pleases me.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (22 December 2008):

Just ride him like you would ride a horse and it's alright to grab his penis with your hand and slide it along your virgina until you feel the head of his penis slightly in you. Once you feel it in the right place lean forward and let him have fun with your breast while you slowly let him slide into you. If it gets uncomfortable rise your body off him and tell him to take it easy. He should know to take it easy anyway. Remember you have to be really turned on for him to enter you comfortably (KY gel helps if your virgina are not wet/slippery enough. Watch or read some porn on your own if you want to learn other positions and experiment. Remember to play it safe and use a condom!! Good Luck and have funn!!

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A female reader, sandra78 United States +, writes (19 December 2008):

I find that men usually like to start the day off with a blowjob. There's nothing like morning wood. He will be pleasently surprised, and it will take plastic surgery to remove his smile. If you do this on a regular basis, you can pretty much get whatever you want through out the day, as well as walk all over him.

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A male reader, BurningIce13 South Africa +, writes (19 December 2008):

BurningIce13 agony auntFirst of all you need relax hun it's fine =]

I went through the same thing myself except I'm a guy. Be honest with him and tell him how you feel about it and then he'll most likely help you out with that.

Also the only way your going to learn is by trying and of course you might not know how to with everything at first and how to do it properly but thats how everyone learns right =]

Besides this is just your boyfriend =], its not some stranger so he'll understand. Can maybe just tell him that your not sure how to do it properly and/or how to really ride him like you say. Then maybe say that your going try though even though your not sure and then you'll get better.

Main thing is that you don't have to worry about this one bit. It's totally fine and also he'll understand. Plus he knows you will get better the more you do it with him.

Let me know if you want me to carry on. No worries :)

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