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How can I make areas of my body lighter?

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Question - (20 March 2009) 7 Answers - (Newest, 17 June 2011)
A female New Zealand age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Im 26 years old and im still a virgin. The problem i can't go out with a guy very fair in colour but my buds and my vagine is dark in colour which makes me shy to have sex with anyone. I also have dark spots on my bud. How can i make my vagine and my bud light in colour. Please help me out...........

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A reader, anonymous, writes (17 June 2011):

I have the same problem & ive tried everything & nothing worked, my husband loves everything about me & this is so normal so dont feel bad.

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A female reader, marisa2212 United States +, writes (5 February 2010):

hey, i know how you feel. i've felt the same exact way and ive tried looking up things that would help me as well but in reality, theres no natural cure. i hate to tell you that but its true. if you get some lightener cream or any other kind of chemicals to try to make it lighter, it'll just effect it later. ive tried over & over but it never actually goes away. ive found the love of my life and he thinks im perfect. i feel better about myself knowing that its all natural and guys dont find it "unattractive" believe me, im not just saying that. its from experience. my skin color is a little dark, not too much but all my worries are gone. the girls in movies ALWAYS cover up with makeup. so i mean, maybe when you do have sex with someone, try using makeup. lol. ive done it before. well anyways i know this is really long but i hope ive helped you.

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A male reader, sometimes ( Iwish) Canada +, writes (20 March 2009):

sometimes ( Iwish) agony auntYou are a unique person, as we all are. Set aside your insecurity about your physical appearence. Try to step out of the cell that holds these feelings. If you feel weird it's ok. We are all weirdos thats what make us all unique in life. Just a crazy thought but it might help you more than you know. Tell a random person, anybody really, " I have darkish BUDs".

Crazy I know, but liberate yourself, don't change yourself.

Feel great with what you have. You will show people that you're confident,and happy with who you are, and what your rolling with. That is a strong offense for anyone. Start with that first, it doesn't hurt to try. Confidence knocks people straight into being interested. That is the primary thought to making friends, and building relationships.


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A female reader, wonderingcat United Kingdom +, writes (20 March 2009):

wonderingcat agony auntThink of your dark spots as your own personal tattoos! They are so unique that no one else in the world have them, You are the sole owner of the patent to those special tattoos on your vagina, your butt, and your nipples!

Say those things to the man who loves you (and you love him of course), and he'll end up wanting to kiss and caress and touch them lovingly all the time! ;-)


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A female reader, anonymous, writes (20 March 2009):

Do you mean buds are nipples? Because if they are darker, I think that looks better. Mine are lighter, and sometimes I put dark blush on them so they 'pop' out.

As far as your vagina, it's naturally darker because blood flow makes it that way. I hope I'm helping you. Just so you know, your caring ways will be attractive to your future husband, and your body unique in your own way. Don't worry sister!:)

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A male reader, Answerthis South Africa +, writes (20 March 2009):

You can go to your local pharmacist and ask for a Retin-A cream, also known as Tretinoin... I don't think it should bother you, but if you feel strongly about it, that'll do the job.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 March 2009):

I don't think any male would interested in the colour. I have never sat and colour matched my partners with a colour chart. Much more important things to think about... .Ok no real thinking involved...really we just want you naked. the colour is irrelevant.


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