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How can I get my shy guy to loosen up?

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Question - (29 March 2010) 4 Answers - (Newest, 30 March 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, *olaroid93 writes:

I'm "dating" a guy but he's sooooooooo shy!! He barely ever starts conversations etc... How can I tell him to loosen up? Would you be offended if someone told you to loosen up? Were off to see kick ass on Thursday so advice before then would be apreciated x

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (30 March 2010):

If you show him that your not shy and try to be fun he'll probably loosen up. I told my shy guy that if he was shy i'd make him wear a thong on his head. :D

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (30 March 2010):

I myself am quite a shy guy too. It took quite a bit of time with my girlfriend before I began to feel confident and secure with my place in the relationship. Make sure he feels good being with you, and let him know that you don't want him to feel awkward when being in social settings with you. Letting the relationship go at his pace for a while to let him build his comfort/confidence zone might be a good idea.

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A male reader, OrangeJuice United States +, writes (30 March 2010):

OrangeJuice agony auntOne way may be to tell him how comfortable you are with him, or dont tell but show how comfortable you are with him and make sure he feels secure, this could certainly help him to loosen up and open up to you. Pointing out he is really shy to him even in teasing could cause him to try to put on a false front for you, especially if he has feelings for you.

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A male reader, CaringGuy United Kingdom +, writes (30 March 2010):

Men open up when they feel that it is safe to do so. To open him up, you have to speak to him, make him feel at ease, make sure he knows you can be trusted, and ask him questions. You can't just tell a shy person to 'loosen up'. That will make him run a mile in terror, or it will hurt him. continue to get to know him and see where it leads.

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