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He totally ignores me, should I just leave him?

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Question - (30 April 2006) 1 Answers - (Newest, 1 May 2006)
A male , anonymous writes:

I've reached a point where I'm very angry, feel used and emotionally abused, and although I've always made excuses in the past. I'm sick and tired.

I've written before pretaining my problems and all the advice always points in one direction.

My bf ignors me, but when we're together he adores me. I find myself doing all the damn chasing, since he came to visit, and I feel as though he is not even bothered with me at all, he is going back overseas and i'M ASKING ALL THE TIME, when will i see you, when will we get together, we've seen each other 23times, and he always tells me how much he loves me. He doesnt even answer and his uncle has gotten very sick, and might not make it, and when I call or text i get no fucking reply. I'm tired of this, when i confront him he sulks and doesnt talk to me, and when im right he threatens me with a break up as he cant take this anymore.

Should i drop him once and for all, and tell him to jump. I love him so much but he just doesnt make the effort.

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A female reader, StuckInARutt +, writes (1 May 2006):

I know how exactly how you feel! I've been with my b/f for 3 yrs + it's really frustrating. It's totally your decision what to do no one can answer that for you. Having been stuck in a rutt for 3yrs I can only advice you to play it cool. DONT RING HIM, DONT CHASE HIM, FUCK HIM, GO OUT LET YOUR HAIR DOWN HAVE A GOOD TIME! You'll either realise you can and may well have a better life without him/ discover that he doesn't care for you and only took you for granted ie: doesn't get in contact! Or he'll come chasing after you with his tail between his legs wondering why the hell you haven't called! It may sound hard to do but trust me you need to keep your dignity and self worth! After all I am talking from experience! One other bit of advice that i've learn't NEVER let anyone know your weaknesses or insecurities!

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