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He likes me but says he's not ready to date yet

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Question - (10 April 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 11 April 2009)
A female United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

Okay so basically I really really like this guy and Im not sure if he likes me even though my friend said he does. He shows moody signs, at one point he acts all flirty and the next he acts as if he doesnt care. My friend wanted us to get together and I was like I dont know I dont think he like me, blah blah blah. So I finally caved and she gave him my number (We dont live in the same town) So every month my friends parents go bowling along with his parents. So I come along and my friend was like 'Your gonna have a b/f by the end of the night' So we talked and all and by the end of the night nothing had really happened except my friend in front of everyone was like 'He wants to know if you would go out with him' and I turned so red it wasnt even funny. And then he was like. So then we left and I texted him saying sorry about what my friend did and he was like its ok I dont get why she said that. So I spilled my heart out and told him she was being a good friend and wanted us to date because she knew I wanted to. And he was like oh well I dont wanna date just yet. So ever since he texts me alot like 'Hey Babe' and 'Hows my girl doin' and once was even like, 'I never told you this but u r my sun,my moon and my stars. See u later babe' (Which I totally fell for) and he told me he may ask me out soon in the future but not yet. And like I said I really, really, really like him, but I dont want to keep waiting forever for him. So what should I do?

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A female reader, AuntAnya United Kingdom +, writes (11 April 2009):

If you "really really really like him" then you would wait for him as long as he takes. And I don't think your friends shoul force you or be controlling you in any way towards what happens with you and him. I also personally think that you should just chat to him and become closer to him and then it wouldn't matter if you were going out or not.

As for his moods, I have two friends who have love/hate relationships with a certan boy each that they like. One of them went out together and their relationship seemed to be perfect, but then he started playing her around. She was devastated, and what I'm trying to say is, go for it if you feel it's right but if things start to go really wrong, then it will be quite hard to put everything back to how it was!!

Sorry if my comments were too opinionated, but I hope this has helped you in some way =)

AuntAnya xx

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A female reader, nanogrl75 United States +, writes (11 April 2009):

sweetie, you are so young, don't stress so much on boys. I know they are 'mysterious' and you have all these hormones running through you, but you need to focus on school and girl friends more than boys, and I am sure your mom and dad would agree with that. If you really like this boy, just work on being friends. By his text messages it seems like he is interested but I am assuming by your age, he is also around your age. He is just probably too immature to admit that he likes you. The advice I would give is to just be his friend. Go out in group activities and if there is something there, give it time to form, don't rush anything.

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