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He excludes me from his life despite all I have done for him! What should I do?

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Question - (3 February 2011) 4 Answers - (Newest, 4 February 2011)
A female Nigeria age 30-35, *chenice writes:

My guy is a plumber by profession. I love him very much and we been in love for three years. When he had little money on him last year i rented an apartment for him, fed him through last year. Yet i don't know much about his life. He excludes me from parts of his life. He promised taking me to see his relations last year but never fulfilled his promises. Im getting tired and confused. What do i do?

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A female reader, ShiShisAdvice United States +, writes (4 February 2011):

ShiShisAdvice agony auntWalk away from this one.

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A male reader, Capri2 Argentina +, writes (3 February 2011):

You are giving too much without seeing what you are going to get in return. In the end that is what a relationship is about.

You should stop giving him until he starts doing his own part.

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A female reader, blonde30s United Kingdom +, writes (3 February 2011):

blonde30s agony auntyou need to talk to him tell him how your feeling and that you would like to be more apart of his life and share your friends together, go and visit each others family. if he dont seem keen find out why as you need to know the reasons. maybe he isnt that close to his family and they dont meet his partners. see what he says when you talk it all over and if your still not happy together then you both need to think weather your right for each other or not. life is to short to be with someone who cant make you happy. hope you can work things out.

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A female reader, auntieloulou United Kingdom +, writes (3 February 2011):

auntieloulou agony aunti think there are 2 ways you can look at this:

1) he does not actually want you to meet his family, maybe because he is embarrassed by them or because he does not get on with them.

2) he does not feel the relationship is ready for it.

Either way, you need to speak to him and ask him why. If your relationship is serious then meeting the family is important. It might be that he's never introduced a girlfriend to family before and he's nervous. It might be that he does not actually want you to meet them. the only way you will find out is by approaching him and asking him direct.

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