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He accused me of cheating and then broke up??

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Question - (5 February 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 6 February 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, *pendy writes:

i was seeing this guy for 3months and we got into an argument and he accused me of cheating when i haven't.. i guess he wanted to break up.. and since then ive not heard from him so i guess this is his way of breaking up with me..any advice please.. still don't know where i went wrong..thought everything was perfect..i really cared for him and i thought he felt the same way but i was wrong. its been 6 weeks and i still don't understand what happened.. p.s ive never tried contacting him at all..!! mature answers please... thanks...xx

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A male reader, MyDestiny United States +, writes (6 February 2009):

MyDestiny agony aunt well if every thing was pefect and then he just accuses you of cheating then breaks up..i think he was copping out..

and think he didn't want to be in the relatioship anymore and decided to put the blame on you instead..

he doesnt sound very mature to me

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (5 February 2009):

What went wrong was that he was an immature idiot.

What man has to resort to making crazy accusations rather than just saying that it's not working and he wants to call it a day?

He was an idiot and he did you a favour by setting you free.

Stop blaming yourself and laugh at how pathetic he is.

Good Luck!! xx

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A female reader, ShawnsFiance United States +, writes (5 February 2009):

yes . that's his way of trying to break up with you . he didn't know how to do it maturely soo he did that . ive done that to a boy before . :-x

but try to contact him .. be friendly , if he replies negatively .. let him be . he aynt worth it =]

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