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Foul smell is too much for me!

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Question - (8 November 2010) 5 Answers - (Newest, 9 November 2010)
A male Kenya age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Been in a relationship for slightly over a month. Things went on well till we made love the first time. She's got a foul smell which doesn't go even after she bathes. Am turned off and I want to quit. What's the best way to quit?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (9 November 2010):

Hi. am the one who posted this question.

Thank you all for your concern and for sharing. I will ensure she sees a medic. We used protection the last time we had sex (which was also the last time) so I think am safe.

My main problem now is that I have totally switched off and just considering the best way to opt out. In fact she slept in my house last night but I couldn't even rise to the occasion (i couldn't erect) despite her attempts.

I can see she is starting to get worried about my changed behaviour.

How do I go about it? should I just tell her plainly that am no longer interested? should i just behave strange till she one day asks then i tell her?

Am in a dilemma because other than the foul smell, she is a lady any man would die for. she is so caring, loving and warm hearted. But i have decided am breaking up with her. i just don't know the best way to do it without messing her self esteem up.

Your help is appreciated. Thank you!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (9 November 2010):

This could be bacterial vaginosis (or BV) which is NOT an STD - but something akin to a yeast infection in that it can be treated over the counter, but rather than itch it's just a really really foul smell.

If she doesn't get it looked at/treated - the smell will never go away, and could lead to future health problems.

So please let her know! And encourage her to look up BV.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (8 November 2010):

To be honest a smell down there that doesn't go away even after washing is most likely the symptom of an STD, which means the fact that it turns you off is possibly the least of your worries!

As for what to do about it, you may have to be subtle, but you ought to suggest that she gets an STD test, and you ought to have one as well. Perhaps there's a local GUM or family planning clinic near to you, or if you're students, perhaps they do regular health promotions in the college where you can book in for a test. Either way, if you subtly bring it up that "we should both go for a test, just in case..." it sounds less like you're saying there's a problem with her, and more like you're a sensitive, considerate type who cares about her health and his own.

Id definetly give this a go.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (8 November 2010):

hi im a woman and what i could say is there are vaginal douches and soaps she could use.Some people when they use regular soaps it still smells..Tell her to get some if it doesnt work she could probably have an infection that she doesnt know about..hope this helps xx

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A male reader, Love-Wisely United States +, writes (8 November 2010):

Love-Wisely agony auntI vote for brutal honesty. If ladies were dumping me because of a "foul smell" - I would want to know about it as soon as possible. (It can be a symptom of illness or disease.) If you really don't want to embarrass her, use one of the standard quit excuses like: you want to focus on school/work/family and leave the dirty work for the next guy.

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