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Does this sound as solely friendly to you guys?

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Question - (30 March 2015) 2 Answers - (Newest, 2 April 2015)
A female Austria age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Hi there, thanks in advance for reading! Hope you can give me some insights.

I'm going to try and be as concise as possible. Basically I've just met a woman a couple of weeks ago and we had an instant click. Not necessarily sexual, but just in a friendly, fun manner - although I know she's a lesbian and she knows I am as well, so there are no questions there. We hung out a couple of times in group settings, with people she doesn't usually hang out with individually. She then suggested to hang out together one night and I agreed. Initially I had no real expectation of it meaning more than just friendship, although the thought did cross my mind. There were a few bumps in the road where it almost seemed like she was going to (have to) cancel, but she pulled through and seemed genuinely interested in seeing me that night, so I adapted to the logistics of it and we met up.

We hung out in a public place, where we both know people who are aware we had never been anywhere together before. We talked for hours, alone and with our friends on and off, and then decided to leave. My last bus back was going to be a while so she offered for me to stay at hers, and we went. We stayed up for hours more, talking and laughing a lot, while sitting together sharing a blanket. At points our arms or legs were touching, she rested her head on my shoulder once, she was teaching me how to do something while holding my hands. She called me 'dangerous' and jokingly hid from me underneath the blanket, laughing. At dawn we decided to go sleep, and although she has a big couch she asked me to come sleep in bed with her. Nothing really physical happened for the whole evening apart from what I've described. I had to leave early in the morning and didn't wake her up. We've spoken every day since, except for today, and she's suggested to meet again this week, a specific day, but this will be with friends again.

I guess what I'm wondering is, does this sound as solely friendly to you guys? I generally get confused distinguishing when mere friendliness ends and it starts being more. Just because we both like women, does not have to mean that she likes me. I think I could fall for her at some point and want to make sure that I'm not making up that the described events could indicate something happening on her side, to manage my own expectations a little and to figure out how to proceed. Thank you for answering!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 April 2015):

Definitely sounds as if it's more than friendship. Flirting is what you're describing in my opinion. But, who knows? The only way to find is go with the flow and enjoy it! I wouldn't have a definite plan about how to proceed, if things are good between you, it will just happen, or you'll feel when the time is right to stick your neck out a little. Have fun!

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A female reader, janniepeg Canada + , writes (31 March 2015):

janniepeg agony auntI think you are friends who were flirting. In straight relationships women wait for the guys to make the initiative. For lesbians I guess either of you can be the more active one. Maybe she's wondering the same thing you do. It depends on whether you are both looking for relationships at this point, or just going with the flow. Next time you see her maybe you can suggest one on one time afterwards. There may be more physical touching.

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