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Do people break up when they still love each other?

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Question - (16 September 2012) 1 Answers - (Newest, 16 September 2012)
A female Serbia age 26-29, *issAnnonimus writes:

My dear cupid friends,

I really need some your help.

I ve been with my,now ex bf,for 3 years.

Its been distance relationship,but even though it was really good relationship,we were best friends,were crazy in love with each other...And this fall i was about to move to his country,but instead we broke up.

We argued so much,told each other terrible things,said we are over,than said we will be friends,than talked again...He said how he is disappointed in me that i didnt do anything to move,that i didnt fix things with my parents(cause i am 21 and receiving money 4 school,how he bought a flat for us,and did his part and that now he doesnt want to do it anymore,cause he doesnt see solution...

It was a shock to me,

cause just 2 month ago,he wanted to get married,he was searching for rings,and last time i was with him(month ago) i could see it in his eyes that he loves me and i still know that.

But is really rational,and always thinks of money,and what if i move and dont work or something goes wrong,which is so hurtful to me,i dont know how could anything become more important than ''us'' :(

My part of the story is that i had difficulties fixing faculty between 2 countries,cause i am non-EEA,and also i couldnt confront my parents without plan(like where will i live,which school,cause i ll need their financial help in the beginning).

He said that our situation is so complicated,no solution,but i think that its so simple-either one wants to cut it and get together on one place or not.

So i really dont know what clicked in his head all of a sudden and he s reacting like this,cause before he was ready to do anything for me-he wanted to move to my country,was paying 700e tickets just to see me,was coming to me every 2nd weekend,always called me 1st and right after the argumens,and now he just wants to move on without me and think thats the best for both and that in time i will understand that he s not leaving me,he s letting me go???

Its been a month now,that we re not together,first 2 weeks we argued like crazy,he couldnt even see me on skype,than we talked he asked me if i can see us back together and i said lets just take it slow,we ve hurt each other a lot,than he asked me and week ago to go somewhere together on vacation,which i couldnt cause of exams,than he said he doensnt know what he wants,and since than its been a week i didnt hear anything from him :(

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH,and i know he loves me and i know our relationship was more than good,and that doesnt let me just move on,even though i know after everything he said and done,and to me the most important thing is that he didnt fight for us,i think i should just end it.

But its been a month,and there was not a sec of a day i didnt think of him and missed him :(

So any advice?


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A female reader, Nik9 United States +, writes (16 September 2012):

Your post is very confusing.

So he is afraid of continuing the relationship because of the distance? He's afraid to invest a bunch of money for your relationships' future? Is it because he was buying everything for you guys and doesn't want to be the only provider?

He's right to say that your situation is too complicated. You are still in school, he is in a different country. If you need financial aid for school then obviously you can't afford to move into a place with this guy.

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