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Define: "love triangle"

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Question - (17 January 2007) 2 Answers - (Newest, 18 January 2007)
A female United States, anonymous writes:

Is there a formal definition of a "love triangle"? Wondering about possible outcomes and resolutions.

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A female reader, AngelofLove United Kingdom +, writes (18 January 2007):

AngelofLove agony auntAgree with previous answers about definition, just would like to ad that three is a crowd and do not work longer term.

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A female reader, bonym United Kingdom +, writes (17 January 2007):

bonym agony auntWell a triangle has three sides right? So a love triangle is when you and your partner are togtether but there is some other party involved hence the three of you, sometimes even more, but then I guess its no longer a triangle but a love hexagon or pentagon!! Ok on a serious note, the outcome, well its simple, DISASTER.

Rerolutions, well a relationship is good and proper when there are 2 parties, anyone else involved i.e when there is cheating only causes DISASTERS. Hope this helps. xxx

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