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Could he have recorded me on skype?

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Question - (19 October 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 19 October 2009)
A female Australia age 41-50, anonymous writes:

I am wondering whether anyone knows whether when on Skype the other person viewing a video recording can record you to look at later on etc.

I met a guy on Oasis at the beginning of this year who has been harassing me for the last week to get on Skype to perform anal sex for him. I initially did it for mutual enjoyment but have since decided that why should I do this as I am feeling used by him in particularly since lately he doesn't want to speak to my anymore since I no longer want to go on Skype and perform the anal sex etc

Just worried that he may have been able to record me. Is this possible for him to have been able to do this??

I'm feeling very hurt as now he says he will meet me in Sydney for a drink but I can't stay at his house because of the disputes we have been having. The disputes only started when I said I didn't want to go on Skype anymore and that I would prefer to meet him face to face. I have had contact with this guy since January of this year and am feeling very hurt and sad. I miss the contact although I now he is not good for me. I don't know what to do to stop myself from texting him again. I am seeing a Psychologist but it is still so hard

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (19 October 2009):

You sound about 16... (that is not an insult). If you know how to get on skype you must have known that it can be recorded. You can google that and find out for yourself.

You need help and that is what you are seeking.

And like I would tell anyone half your age - DO NOT reveal your identity to someone you met online, particularly not if you only have a weird sexual relationship with them. It is not safe.

Why would you want to meet someone like that - you are feeling used after online encounters!

If you have not revealed anything except your cellphone number to him, consider changing it. Do not visit the sites where you discovered him and do not use those ids.

If you do decide to meet him, tell a real, non-virtual friend that you are doing it and when to expect to hear from you after meeting him.

Figure out what you want from that meeting. Does face to face mean getting to know the 'real person' or does that mean having real sex, anal and otherwise? Figure our where your comfort level is. What you would not do (have sex, smooch, hold hands... whatever) and then make sure your practical plans reflect your expectations.

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A male reader, LazyGuy Netherlands +, writes (19 October 2009):

LazyGuy agony auntYup, very easily in fact.

Rule 1 of the internet: Anything you put on it, stays on it.

The ancient rule for politicians that they should treat every microphone as an open (on) mic now goes for everyone. NEVER do ANYTHING in front of ANY lens that you are not happy to share with the entire world.

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A male reader, tux United States +, writes (19 October 2009):

tux agony auntAnything on any computer can be recorded. If Skype itself does not allow things to be recorded there are programs out there that can get a video screencap. Just google "video screen capture" and you'll see a variety of methods out there. or if it was a sound conversation it's easy to record using a recorder.

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A male reader, CaringGuy United Kingdom +, writes (19 October 2009):

yes, he could have recorded, and evidence suggests that's what he has done. You have been used buy this guy, so I would strongly suggest not meeting him again moving on. I am sorry you have been used, please be careful in the future. And it's good that you're seeing someone to help you understand your feelings as well. Don't dwell on this, you'll only hurt yourself more. It's happened, but you don't to put up with this guy. So don't. Good luck.

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