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Can't get past her cheating! It's not the same anymore..what should I do?

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Question - (22 November 2006) 1 Answers - (Newest, 23 November 2006)
A male , *b930luvme writes:

ive been with this girl awhile she cheated relized what she lost and were trying to work it out, its not the same we dont get along until we cuddle at night. i get mad about her cheating and im having a hard time getting over it and making it work shes really trying its just my head is filled with negitive thoughts. what do i do?

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A male reader, Learning2Love +, writes (23 November 2006):

Learning2Love agony auntAh the joys of love. If you want someone faithful - get a puppy! We (humans) have a natural disposition to hurt the ones we love. But if you love her and believe you have a future together, then you're going to have to let it go cos it's going to bug you endlessly and definitely affect your relationship. That means not even allowing yourself to get paranoid and think that she's going to do it again. Show her YOUR love by forgiving her and releasing her from the hurt she caused you. :-)

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