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Can tight vaginal muscles damage a penis?

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Question - (6 July 2009) 8 Answers - (Newest, 12 August 2009)
A female United States age 36-40, anonymous writes:

My boyfriend is always extremely worried that I'm too tight and will cause damage to his penis. I have really good control over my vaginal muscles, but usually during orgasm they squeeze down on him and it freaks him out. He says it's too tight and at times painful for him. My question is, can this damage him? and also, How can I stop my bodies automatic reaction to an orgasm that causes these muscles to "engage"?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (12 August 2009):

You are an ABSOLUTE GODDESS and your vagina is a gift of which NO man is worthy!

And he should worship you and your AMAZING vagina as such.

Any sane man would DIE to surrender to your incredible sexual power and prowess, just once!

Step up the exercise. Increase your vaginal power and precision, and crush his pathetic boyhood between your overwhelming Feminine Potency.

If he is a real man, it will be the greatest gift anyone's ever gave him!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (3 August 2009):

I had a girl friend that could do this. It was truly amazing to me and the only problem I had was the fact that she could suck the cum off of my penis. I would have to tell her to stop tighting the muscles or she would make me cum almost within seconds of penetration! I could also insert my erect penis in her with a condom and could pull it right off without moving anything else other then her vagina muscles! Never in my life did I ever experience anything like this and I've been with alot of women. She was truly out of this world!

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A male reader, loverboy23 United States +, writes (21 July 2009):

no i don't think it can damage him but i think he can lose his erection if it is to tight

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 July 2009):

I appreciate all of your responses. I talked to my boyfriend about it some more, and asked a few questions to help me understand what he's experiencing that freaks him out so much. To me it just feels really good. I have amazing strength and control over my muscles due to the fact that I "excersize" 3x's a day or more. It gives me the ability to use my muscles, before, during, and after orgasms. The only time I don't have complete control is during an orgasm. His body is obviously different from mine. I mean, that is to say, I've noticed a few things ;) He's always amazingly respectful of my body and I feel that I should be to his as well. I asked him to explain more about why it sometimes hurts him because I didn't understand as long as he wasn't ya know...bending...or anything it didn't seem like it should hurt. He said that he's not sure but especially in certain positions when I use my muscles, he says it feels like he's being pressed against my pelvic bone with a vise grip. I also have a very tiny frame (I'm only 5'2'' and 116lbs) He said the first time we had sex he was actually worried he was going to get stuck because he said my muscles pull him in, even though he knows logically it's not possible. I got him over that fear by pushing him out. LOL The problem is, I LOVE using my muscles. It increases sensitivity for me as well as it being a very positive, powerful feeling. I truly believe it's my control over these muscles that makes it possible for me to have unending orgasms during sex, but I don't want sex to be uncomfortable for him, I don't know how to use them "only a little", and I don't know how to convince him that I'm not going to break him. We have amazing sex, but I'm not sure how to find a balance so we both can get the most out of it.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (7 July 2009):

Please! If it's not hurting you it surely can't be too tight for him! The others are right - he is just too inexperienced to appreciate what your body can do, so don't let that make you feel bad! I was with a guy like that for 3 years and only when I recently was with someone else, older with more experience, did I realise what a difference it can make for someone to make you feel appreciated in a sexual way.

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A male reader, Sandman United States +, writes (7 July 2009):

Sandman agony auntAs a man who has been through this, I can say through my experience that damage did not occur.

She had (has) Vaginismus - a condition in which the muscles of her vagina contract involuntarily. This condition can make sexual intercourse very difficult to almost impossible. For us, it was somewhere in between. Her vagina was VERY tight, making initial penetration very cumbersome and lengthy - taking about 20 minutes to fully penetrate. It was very uncomfortable for her (and slightly for me) but at no time did any damage occur to her OR me.

There are instances in which the penis can be injured during sex, but a tight vagina is not (to my knowledge) one of those instances. Orgasm usually causes the vagina muscles to squeeze and contract for some women, so that sounds normal - no matter how hard the muscles contract.

You can rest easy knowing that you can squeeze all you want - but there is little chance that you will cause damage to his penis. It may be slightly uncomfortable and MAYBE painful - but damage, probably not.

Hope this helps.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (7 July 2009):

LOL. No, you can't damage his penis with your vaginal muscles. The problem is, is that your boyfriend is young, has no experience, and doesn't know what the heck he's doing. If he did know anything, he would know that that is a great thing you are able to do, and he is having the best sex he'll ever have. He'll realize that when he gets older and realize that he was an idiot. Tell him to shut up and enjoy it, because that is as good as it gets, and your not going to hurt a thing. In fact you now have me climbing the walls wishing I could be your boyfriend right now.

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A male reader, Beingblack United Kingdom +, writes (7 July 2009):

Beingblack agony auntOh my dear Lord.

There might be a thousand men reading your question right now, and grinning just as much as I am. Not at you I must add.

You are a man's dream. You are a woman with amazing control over her vaginal muscles. You are a rare creature of sexual desire. You are truly one in a million. You cannot damage his penis with vaginal contractions. You are doing serious damage to his pride though.

My dear, if you were mine, I would wrap you in silk, pander to your every whim, and hide you from the world.

So your boyfriend. I'm sorry to say that he is afraid of your sexuality. By afraid I mean he is terrified of your orgasmic response.

Some men are, it is just the way they perceive a woman. They think that a woman should have an orgasm, but only a small 'ladylike' one which allows them to keep control of themselves and their bodies reactions. Women should perhaps gasp a little, shudder once or twice, lay back and smile. They are afraid of 'responsive' women. He feels uncomfortable about the way you move. But cause him pain? I severely doubt that. All he has to do is keep still while your moment comes and goes. I bet your contractions are not as hard as his own hand squeezing his penis.

Do you think you should curb your sexual response just to make your boyfriend feel better during sex? I think not.

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