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Any suggestions as to whether I should ask her out?

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Question - (11 May 2015) 3 Answers - (Newest, 12 May 2015)
A male United States age 16-17, anonymous writes:

Should I ask her out.

There's a girl I like and she just started talking to me and would smile everytime I look at her.

She sits there and stares at me.

She takes my stuff and wears it.

She will stop in the middle of the hallway and start a conversation.

She will tell me to walk with her or she will sit by me. Any answers to whether I should ask her out?

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A female reader, hoehum Ireland +, writes (12 May 2015):

Go for it :). It sounds like she likes you. If you like her, then ask her.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (11 May 2015):

Yes! She's into you!

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A male reader, Over 50 advice United States +, writes (11 May 2015):

Over 50 advice agony auntThis is easy of course ask her out, she is sending every signal and is probably wanders what your waiting on, it's just date not a proposal.

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