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14 yo virgin and ready for sex with my bf. Mom said OK if I loved him

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Question - (13 April 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 6 January 2010)
A female United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

im a 14 year old girl and me and boyfriend have been together for about 6 months we get along great and always have fun together we just mess around but no sex every time we talk about it i say that im scared of sex and not ready he says that's fine and doesn't get offended or anything he doesn't pressure me we've only had this conversation about 2 times

but now i think i might want to have sex with him hes not a virgin but he says hes only had sex once and got tested afterwards and doesn't have any diseases then the other night my mom said that as long as i thought i loved him and wouldn't regret it she didn't mind

should i be scared of sex?

should i do it?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (6 January 2010):

I lost my V plates at 15.. personally it was the BIGGEST mistake of my life!! I wish I waited for that right guy. Im with a guy now hes 22 and is a virgin to be honest I am truly jealous of him! I'm now 17 and still have regrets in the back of my mind thinking "oh my what a stupid girl i was back then!!!"

Remember your only 14 sex isn't everything in the world! Young girls are having sex and having babies and I look at them thinking "stupid girl, she could of been a lawyer, a doctor etc.." but she ruined that life but that isn't my place to say. My friend is 16 she is due to have her baby very soon, shes a single mother living on her own with no one to support her at all, hardly any money to have food for herself i truly feel for her.

End of the day NO ONE can make you have sex or not it's your own choice, NO ONE can judge you on your own opinion.

My best opinion is to wait.. Wait until you find your true love not a retard in tin foil. Be worth while.

I agree with everyone who commented.. Wait it out until you have grown up and you truly know what you want.

Hope that helped abit :)

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A female reader, hottty United Kingdom +, writes (18 May 2009):

i lost miine at 13 to this 15 year old lad i was with for nearly 2 year, didnt regret it at the time but when we broke up it took me ages gettin over him because he was my first and i was his first. now we hardly talk to eachother. now i'm 16 with someone else and happy but it'll alwats be the ova lad hu took my V and now i've been with this lad nearly a year a wish he had taken myn. so up 2 yoou.

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A female reader, JOSE11 United States +, writes (13 April 2009):

I think you should take your boy friend into your Female Gynecologist for a physical examination of his genitals, prostate with all the appropriate STD Testing. While chatting with her you should mention that you are considering giving up your virgin status to this boy friend.

At the very least it will be extremely interesting. You might even want your mother or trusted aunt their so you have someone you can trust to discuss the results of the testing.

Do Not give up your virgin status because of pressure from anyone. Stay in control of your body.

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A female reader, jessica04 United States +, writes (13 April 2009):

jessica04 agony auntI agree fully with Satin Desire. To sum up:

Sex is a big deal, and your first time should not be taken lightly.

He should go get tested now, and show you his proof of being disease free.

Get on birth control and use a condom as well. If your mom is OK with you having sex, then she should be OK with getting you on the pill or another hormonal contraceptive.

Be smart about this. In my opinion, you are too young to be having sex. Your emotions right now are fleeting, though still valid. But I worry more about whether his view of the relationship will change after you two have sex. Could you handle it if he turned out to be a jerk who dumps you after getting the goods?

I think you two should hold off and just enjoy the carefree time you have right now. But still get on the pill or something else anyways. Better safe than sorry.

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