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How can I tell when a woman is sexually aroused?

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Question - (24 August 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 24 August 2008)
A male age 30-35, anonymous writes:

I have a question about arousal. How can I tell when a woman is sexually aroused? Is this something that you can tell when a woman

is fully clothed or is this only noted when she is in the nude? At

this point is she ready for intercourse or is foreplay necessary?

What information do you have about bring a woman to sexually

arousal? Does this take her letting go and knowing that it is ok to become aroused?

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A male reader, a_decent_1 India +, writes (24 August 2008):

a_decent_1 agony auntWell,

I did not actually understand your question... You wanna know if the girl is ready for Intercouse or just sexually aroused... I'll explain both

While having sex, if the girl is Dripping wet from her vagina, shez ready for intercouse. Remember, more the wetness, better the lubrication and easier the intercourse... You will actually feel that the vagina gets SLIPPARY when the girl is fully wet... It would feel Wet and smooth..

As fas as a Random arousal is concerned, a girls reachtions can tell if shez sexually aroused.. Some girlz byte their lips, others scratch their thighs. Some would turn red and look out of place.. Some would sweat... Some noticeable changes may be : Her nipples would get erect to the point that you can actually see them through the clothes. (if she does not use extra padding) Some girls develop a RASH near the neck and shoulder area when they're sexually aroused... And if you get to see her Panty, look for the wet Line between it.. You can actually smell if a girl is drippind wet even when in clothes.. !!

FOREPLAY IS A MUST... Women add emotions to sex.. You want them to feel comfortable and loved... Kiss them all over the body,ears, neck, shoulders, back of the neck and other soft spots.. She'ss actually let you know when shez ready for you.. ;)

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