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I'm Gaea, an assistant on the site. I help by letting people know what the site guidelines and etiquette are. I appreciate all the volunteer aunts and moderators who work so hard to keep DearCupid such a valuable site for people with relationship, sex and life problems and questions. Andrew ("DearCupid" himself) has been very busy of late and has asked that I help him manage some of the site details, as his assistant admin.

If you have heard from me, it is because we care about the question posters, and the site quality and you may just have needed a reminder to practice good "netiquette".

Thank you for understanding and working with us to keep DearCupid a safe and welcoming environment for those with difficulties.

DearCupid's site guidelines:

DearCupid aims to provide a safe community for people to seek insight and resolution to their life problems. Please feel free to contribute your comments if you have something helpful to offer. These rules are to help keep DearCupid an emotionally safe place for everyone.

The below are guidelines of what DearCupid will NOT accept, before you submit a posting, be it a question or an answer. By using DearCupid, you must agree to all of the following guidelines.

1) No submissions are accepted that contain harsh character judgements, victim-blaming and other unecessary, unhelpful comments that may cause emotional distress/harm to others.

2) No submissions are accepted that encourage or incite illegal activities and/or encourages violence upon others.

3) No submissions are accepted that contain excessive profanity, and/or inappropriate, overly explicit/pornographic comments.

4) No submissions are accepted that use text chat eg:. "hello m8 chattin watz up" or “y r u so upset? Dont b dat way!” Please try your utmost to make your submission as clear as you can.

5) No submissions are accepted that use "CAPS" or "Answers With The First Letter Of Each Word Capitalized"

6) No submissions are accepted that could cause flame wars. We ask all posters to display a mature restraint-do not bait, embarass nor publicly humiliate the questioner and other responders on the threads. Trolls will be banned.

7) No submission will be accepted that will 'hijack' an OP's thread. If this happens, your comments will be taken off the thread. Stay on topic.

8) No submissions and or usernames are accepted that contain any of your personal information such as: names of yourself or others, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers or links to your social networking sites myspace, facebook etc.

9) No submissions are accepted, that contain links to pay websites. If you include a link please ensure it is related to the topic on the thread and it is a good, reputable, non-profit helpful website. (E.g. WebMD, Al-Anon, AA, etc.) DearCupid prides itself on the personal interaction with which the Aunts offer advice: We ask users who offer helpful links to include a few words about the link and why it is helpful.

10) No submissions are accepted where users are looking to hook up and seeking a dating partner. Dear Cupid is not a dating site.

11) No submissions will be accepted that contain references to suicide or self harm. If you are experiencing these thoughts, we advise you to call your local suicide crisis hotline or see your family doctor and ask for professional help.

12) The public forums are used for the users to interact in a fun, social way. If a user submits a question on the public forum it will be deleted. Please refer back to the homepage and submit by clicking on the red letters "Ask for help". Spam/advertising will be deleted.

Sometimes, users will accidently submit the same question numerous times, at the time of hitting that submit button. The moderators will catch that and allow ONE to be published. If you have a published question on the site, please use the 'follow up' option if you need to add further comments to your question.

DearCupid does recieve a lot of 'asked often' questions. The site has a huge archive of advice on specific topics. Please note that the DearCupid moderators may encourage posters who have submitted an 'asked often' question, to search the site for their answers.

Please remember that DearCupid has a readership that encompasses adolescents to the elderly. So we ask all users to please proof-read and consider the content of their postings, when submitting answers and questions, on this site.

Dear Cupid reserves the right to edit all questions/answers where deemed necessary.

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