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I really fancy my ex girlfriend's mother...

Q.   I am 18. My relationship with my girlfriend ended with her leaving me. She said that we could remain friends. This happened over a month ago. My ex-girlfriend and I have remained friends. She has a new boyfriend and she seems happy. I am happy for ...

A.   20 February 2008: fancying ur ex girlfriends mother is not a good idea how do u think ur ex will react to that? what would u do if the situation was reversed i think u would be hurt and angry so see it from her point of view move on and find someone better for ur s... (read in full...)

Does he fancy me back?

Q.   hi There is this boy at work who I really fancy! He always stares at me and then when Ii look in his direction he turns his head away! He also says nasty things like (name) shut up and erghhh comments but then sometimes smiles at me or winks at...

A.   20 February 2008: if this bloke responds with nasty remarks to u he isnt worth the time of day move on and find someone who will appreciate u for u ... (read in full...)

I had an abortion. How do I bring up the subject in conversation?

Q.   Hi, I'm 24 years old. At the age of 16 I had a teenage pregnancy which I decided to abort. It all went a bit complicated and they couldn't abort and I was asked back over the next few days but I miscarried as a result of the first botched ab...

A.   15 January 2008: I understand exactly wot ur saying i went through the same thing at the age of 17 i am now 25 and still havent said anything bout it as i got older i felt the same but i cant change the decision i make back then. I sometimes lay awake and think bout... (read in full...)

Does a bigger Penis mean better sex?

Q.   I can't stave off something that has made me massively insecure and jealous. My girlfriend of 3 and a half years recently broke up with me for another guy. It was the worst experience of my life, literally :( but it's been 4 months since then and ...

A.   10 January 2008: ignore the remarks its got nothing to do with the size of ur penis that means better sex she is just trying to put u down i think u should just move on and find someone whop appreciates u for u and not the size of ur manhood good luck email me ... (read in full...)

Could the fact he is (one year) younger hurt our potential relationship?

Q.   The love of my life that I can't get off of my mind, well I'm thinking of another problem. He's one year younger than me, but it's not even a year, but some people take offence to it and I think he would be okay with it. We're not together yet, but ...

A.   2 January 2008: age is just a number and shouldnt come into anything its ur feelings that matter ... (read in full...)

I'm 13 and the man I like is married and has adorable children. How do I get over him?

Q.   I'm 13 and I'm in love with someone who's 36. He's married with two adorable children! I don't know what to do. How do I get over him?...

A.   2 January 2008: first of all someone of ur age shouldnt even consider anything happening between u 2 and isuggest u forget him it will cause alot of trouble for him his wife and kids and even u walk away and dont have any contact.... (read in full...)

My friends keep telling me to get over him but I just can't.

Q.   I had fancied this guy for about a year before he asked me out. We live a long way apart and met on two other previous holidays. We had talked by text and msn. And we met the weekend before he asked me out. When he asked me out i was so happy. I...

A.   30 December 2007: i understand what ur saying my bf and i broke up 2 months ago after being together for 10 months and everyone told me to get over him but its not that easy we didnt talk for aout 3 weeks he kept avoiding my calls and txts but i keft him alone for ... (read in full...)

I just want to be single and see what is out there...but my ex loves me and won't leave me alone.

Q.   I recently broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago. I had realized that instead of being tied down to one person i wanted to enjoy the rest of my high school experience single. Ever since the day i have broken up with him, he hasn't left me alone. ...

A.   30 December 2007: i know exactly what your going through as i had broke up from my boyfriend a month ago and i told him i needed a break to sort myself out and he was the same txing calling me all the time he told me he didnt want to loose me and wants me and ... (read in full...)

I don't want to blurt it out, but how do I find out if she's more than a pal?

Q.   Basically, I am in love with a woman who's also a mate of mine. At the moment we are just mates I think(well as far as she is concerned??). But I want so much more. Has anyone any tips on how I could figure out what she may want, without actually ...

A.   14 December 2007: hi i would suggest talking to her when you are both together and just ask her if she sees any kind of future between u both that is the only way you will find out for sure.... (read in full...)

I have had a rough year

Q.   I want to know what people think of the year I've had (relationship-wise); it would be interesting for me to find out: It all started very well in January when I was going out with a girl who lived in Yorkshire, but after 2 months, she chea...

A.   11 December 2007: I am sorry to hear the year you have had it sounds awful. If your in a relationship no matter what the age if she truly cared then why did she cheat and also for the things the other girls mum said bout not being good enough for her daughter was ... (read in full...)

I am upset with her because she slept with two guys during our 'break'. But I also slept with someone else! Advice?

Q.   My girfiend of 4yrs and I broke up for a couple of months recently, but we remained in contact throughout and even slept together a few times. We got back together which I was happy about until she admitted sleeping with 2 different guys during ...

A.   5 December 2007: No you cant afford to take the moral high ground i know it is going to be hard to get over her sleeping with 2 guys but atleast she has told you about it. Maybe you should come clean to her too, How do you think she is going to react though k... (read in full...)

New gf makes me feel 'weird'-I just want to hug and kiss her! What's wrong with me?

Q.   Ive recently got a new girlfriend as after seeing her, i asked to become a couple. She said yes which was good but im very confused. She really likes me and i like her but when im not with her i feel weird and i dont know why, but when im with her i ...

A.   5 December 2007: i think u just want to be with her to feel safe maybe u should take time out on ur own to sort out what it is u want maybe ur just souls mates as some one u feel u can turn to if its meant to be it will work out ... (read in full...)

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