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Question - (25 May 2010) 5 Answers - (Newest, 26 May 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, *indy 15 writes:

"OPs own title" since I was a kid I could see dead ghost or spirits and I could see the future at random as long as I can remember I m now 15 and I have seen thousands of docters and they all say nothing is wrong with me but why do I still see these things??

what are these things am i the only one?

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A male reader, damo4eva United Kingdom +, writes (26 May 2010):

This thing you are experiencing is in a way normal... To be honest you could be a spiritualist medium and shouldn't be afraid to admit it

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A female reader, raiders United States +, writes (25 May 2010):

raiders agony auntYou are young and said you have been to thousands of doctors and they have not been able to help you and they tell you that you are you should insist and tell the doctor what you see. They should be able to prescribe medication because if you claim you see them I believe you talk to your parents and tell them to take you to a new doctor again.

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (25 May 2010):

You're on a romance forum.

I think you need to be on a psychic forum.

Have you really seen THOUSANDS of doctors? Were all of them real?

Good Luck!! xx

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A female reader, KeighleySky United Kingdom +, writes (25 May 2010):

KeighleySky agony auntId say your not, there are millions of people who see and sense ghosts. I personally get a sense of them, actually i have one in my house. But i only seem to get a sense of the not so nice ones. it's only every now and again that i sense the one in my house. But even some of my friends have picked up on it. I'd try talking to them, calmly saying something like "Can i help you with anything?" But if they dont seem friendly then dont try and talk to them just ask them nicely to go away.

I also get a sense of people around me, i can usually tell how 'new' a person is. By new i mean as if they've had past lives. You are not alone, i am 17 and ive lived with this my whole life. This is a gift, dont forget that. But i wouldnt go around bragging about it, people tend to shun this kind of thing.

I get De Ja Vu alot but i never change it, i know what i have to say and i say it. Dont play about with the future, dont change things. Even if it hurts you or other people, you shouldnt tamper with that kind of thing.

Please keep me posted :) x

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A female reader, BunnyTee United States +, writes (25 May 2010):

BunnyTee agony auntI have a strong hunch that you need more help than we can give here, Sweetie.

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