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i like to give advice to any one who asks for it, but i can sometimes be harsh. But hey - you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes.

I hate injustice, espeically against women and children, but i wont hesistate to tell a woman she's wrong if she is. I like to show people what the other person is thinking, if itll help.

im hoping to become a counsellor one day, im starting university in september. Im going to be there for three years and then an extra three years to get my doctorate in psychology.

im happily in love and im hoping to stay that way for a very long time.

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How to kiss a shorter guy?

Q.   How do you kiss a guy shorter than you without making it akward. He is 5ft 5" and I am 5ft 11"....

A.   5 June 2011: My boyfriend is really tall and so sometimes i like to switch, so i stand on something that make sme taller than him (harder than it seems haha) I just like to put my arms around his neck and lean in. Its really easy once you get the hang of it. ... (read in full...)

The pill and gaining weight?

Q.   Hi, I've been thinking carefully about going on the Pill for a while now and think it's the right thing to do. My only worry is that it'll make me gain weight (vanity I know!) What have your experiences with the Pill been like? I really don't want ...

A.   5 June 2011: With my pill i didnt gain any weight, some people do and some dont. It all depends on your body. Just try it, if you start to gain weight and you dont like it then you can always stop. But at your age its better to gain a bit of weight through ... (read in full...)

My gf is fat and its affecting both her and myself. How can we overcome this?

Q.   i saw this girl on my first day in coll... i studied in a boys school.. so jus like that i started liking her... we spoke to each other... and we got into a relationship 7 months later.. now am one year into that relationship... she loves me too ...

A.   5 June 2011: Firstly you never ever suggest that she loses weight, this will only hurt her. If you love her the way she is why does she have to change? There is nothing wrong with being over weight (other than the obvious health issues). Stop listenin... (read in full...)

Come on, sister, get your own life!

Q.   i've been married for a long time now and have 1 huge complaint about my husbands sister. Honestly, she calls him at least 10-12 times everyday and I find it extremely annoying and would love to tell her so; i have dropped hints by the tone in my ...

A.   4 June 2011: I think your being a little too mean. They are brother and sister, you should be glad your husband has good familial relationships. I text my brother a lot because were close, it doesnt and never bothered any of his girl friends. I get that call... (read in full...)

My phone was stolen, am I right in assuming the person has kept and been through my personal information?

Q.   I know this is for relationships, but i'm stressing and having an anxiety attack right now!! I really want some truth because everyone's being nice about what could of happened. Two nights ago i lost my phone in a bar/club, it's not been traced ...

A.   3 June 2011: CALM DOWN!!!! this person does not know you. Its more thsn likely that if they've kept the phone they've deleted everything. Why would they want to keep the pictures and videos of you? They are gong to be more bothered with the phone than whats in... (read in full...)

How long should I wait to start a new relationship?

Q.   I broke up with my girlfriend of 18 months about 3 weeks ago, and last week I met someone I really really like. People say you should wait a while to try and get over your ex but I feel like I am done with her - I dont think about her(excluding ...

A.   30 May 2011: Well you shouldnt listen to other people. It's about yourself honey, not them. They cant understand unless they are in your shoes. I hope you have a happy relaionship, you deserve it x... (read in full...)

I'm afraid he'll become more than friends with his childhood pal

Q.   Me and my bf have been together for 3 years, before our 2 years anniversary, a messed up situation occured between us and I know most relationships encounter this problem. It's not cheating, but we broke up and a friend of mine asked him to hang out ...

A.   30 May 2011: You cant stop him from seeing his best friend, really he hasn't done much wrong, he may have fallen in love with your ex best friend so you cant blame him and cant tell your boyfriend not to see him. You can however stick to your guns and say you ... (read in full...)

Do men find skinny girls sexier than curvy girls?

Q.   I want you opinions men and women! I want to know do men find skinny girls sexier than curvy girls? i used to be rake thin and prided my self on that but now im older i have got bigger and im worried men wont fancy me as me! Given a choice what sort ...

A.   30 May 2011: I'm not a man but when I look at a really thin, almost anorexic girl I just think, WHY? I undersand that it is a mental disorder but it just isnt sexy. Us women are supposed to be curvy, I pride myself on the fact that i have hips, a butt and boob... (read in full...)

How long should I wait to start a new relationship?

Q.   I broke up with my girlfriend of 18 months about 3 weeks ago, and last week I met someone I really really like. People say you should wait a while to try and get over your ex but I feel like I am done with her - I dont think about her(excluding ...

A.   29 May 2011: You are so sweet :) Honey when you feel ready is when your ready. If YOU think you are ready to start a new relationship with this girl then go ahead, I would suggest however that you go slow, get to know each other adn take it from there. ... (read in full...)

After asking me if I had an STD he called me a ho and untrustworthy, but I still really like him. Should I talk to him again?

Q.   i have always had bad luck with the dating thing, until i went to college i met the guy of my dreams, i wanted him so bad. So one day he hit me up and gave me his number and i was so happy, we started texting daily and hanging out and then we ...

A.   28 May 2011: I'd suggest you go to him and show him your papers. I think its obvious that he has an STD and wants to blame you for it because he doesnt know who hes got it from. Then you call him a hoe and see how he likes it. Just because hes been... (read in full...)

My bf is getting too rough in bed. What does it mean and what do I do about it?

Q.   Me and my bf have always been rough in bed. I do anal and gag and stuff and we both like it. But these past few months it has got a little weird. He hurts me. He shoves his member down my throat and it is agonising. When i climax he covers my mouth ...

A.   28 May 2011: You ask why he's got like this. A man (like a child) will push your boundaries, in order to see how much he can get away with. It is up to you to tell him when you don't like things. Not telling him the first time he did this was your downfall, h... (read in full...)

Why do my co workers want to pry into when I will have children? To me it's rude, and I'm single.

Q.   My co workers always ask me when am I going to have children, even though they know that I'm single. I find this extremely rude. My co workers are all older and most married with children. Married people really annoy me as they don't remember what ...

A.   21 May 2011: Just tell them to stop asking you, say your not with anyone and if you do find someone it will be up to you and him. You can just tell them that you feel like their prying into your life and you feel its rude. ... (read in full...)

Just found out I am 4 months pregnant--and I had no symptoms! Is this unusual??

Q.   So, simple question to all the couples/moms out there. My boyfriend and I just found out I am near four months along, I had NO idea, just 2 random positive pg tests! So my question to you all, has this ever happened? An undetected pregnancy, or a ...

A.   21 May 2011: My mum didnt find out until she was 7 months. She didnt have a belly bump or anything, her periods continued and she went to the doctors because she felt something moving around her tummy, haha. Anyway it turned out she was 7 months pregnant.... (read in full...)

How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Q.   This if for teenagers mainly! But anyone who isn't a teenager else be sure to answer too :) ....How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend?...

A.   17 May 2011: my friend had a boyfriend who has a best friend who was single. They both thought that we suited and so set up a blind date for us. And the rest is history, weve been going out for 1 year and 7 months and still going strong. Our friends new us best ... (read in full...)

I do want to be with him forever so why on earth do I keep pushing him away?

Q.   Ok, I need some serious advice here. First off, thank you to anyone that reads and responds to my question. All the agony aunts over the years have been very helpful! So here goes, I've been in a relationship just over a year with the absolut...

A.   16 May 2011: Have you been hurt in your past? When my boyfriend and i first got together i could be really mean, and I dont mean in a silly way. I was really horrible to him, it took em a while but i finally realsied that i was testing him, seeing if he'd lea... (read in full...)

Ideas for a perfect date?

Q.   I need ideas for a perfect date. That won't be expensive. And one that a girl will love an she will never forget. I need idea plzz help I need female advice. But everyone is welcome to give me ideas:)...

A.   16 May 2011: I always say this when this question comes up. A picnic at night, under the stars. It's romantic, cheap and totally spontaneous. ... (read in full...)

Do you have to be a "bad boy" for girls to like you?

Q.   This question is for women ,I never had a girlfriend and I'm still looking. But I heard girls like the "bad boys". I'm a sweet heart guy and I do have confidence, faith, and not a pushover. I am responsible and I would protect my girlfriend from ...

A.   15 May 2011: I have never been attracted to that bad boy thing. I find them childish and extremely annoying. I've always been attracted to the good guy, the guy who will hold a door open for you, the guy who will phone an ambulance for a stranger, the guy who ... (read in full...)

Is it a big turn off for guys when they see girls bleeding while having sex?

Q.   The other day my boyfriend and I had sexual intercourse for the first time and i guess he sort of didn't know how to react when he saw me bleed. He didn't stop right away because he didn't want me to get anything wrong, but I could sense that he ...

A.   15 May 2011: I think he reacted the way he did because you were a virgin. Did you tell him you were a virgin? because if you didnt he could be feeling really guilty right now, thinking he could have made it better for you. I told my boyfriend and then it just ... (read in full...)

Does he ever think of me like I think of him?

Q.   My ex and I broke up last november, so 6 months ago, it would have been our 3 year anniversary today! We started going out when we were both 15 and are currently both 18. I'm going to bullet point what happened to make it shorter: -Last year of ...

A.   14 May 2011: it sounds to me like hes not the guy you fell in love with. People change when they are growing up, i'd say yeah he thinks about you and maybe regrets what he did but he has made no attempt t o make it up to you. you are doing great and it is fine ... (read in full...)

Is this pushing the limits?

Q.   It is starting to get warm now and us girls are starting to wear more comfortable clothing. But this one girl in our class is crossing the line, she wore a very short mini skirt to school and when she bent over to get her bag from her locker she had ...

A.   14 May 2011: It is pushing the limits but it also has nothing to do with you honey. If she chooses to be a fluesy then its her choice. leave her be. shes chosen not to wear underwear, some people can be hypo allergic to cotton and lace, she should really learn ... (read in full...)

I do not want to live the rest of my life never being french kissed and having that closeness and intimacy!

Q.   I am 29, and have been dating a 40 year old for a little over 6 months now, when we first got together, he joked all the time about sex, but never made a move. Said every other relationship he was in, he was in bed in the 1st week and he really ...

A.   14 May 2011: I think you should tell him what youre feeling. Tell him you are young and you want to make love and have that intimacy with him. You never know he may be having some intimacy/ erectile dysfunction problems, so just ask him and tell him how your... (read in full...)

Mother has Psoriasis, any tips or advice on how to deal with it?

Q.   Hello Agony's This isn't a medical question per se, my mum just wants a bit of advice. I'm doing this question for her because she's computer illiterate (bless her). She has recently been diagnosed with Psoriasis and wants to know how other ...

A.   14 May 2011: Thanks Agony's :) I'll pass on the info to my mum. Thanks again Loveys :)... (read in full...)

My married boss asked me out?!

Q.   Am a girl and my boss is asking me for dating.he is married with two kids.what will i do....

A.   13 May 2011: Do not say yes. He is your boss, both of you could get into trouble, but that isnt the worst of it is it? he is married and has children. If e threatens to fire you then you quit. He is not worth your time at all. ... (read in full...)

Should I go blonde because my boyfriend prefers it?

Q.   Hello Everyone, Me and my boyfriend were talking the other night about music and we were both watching the video to this song. I said one of the girls in the video was pretty and he said 'Yeah but the blonde is fitter'. I asked him if he likes ...

A.   13 May 2011: I think it's general with guys - they thin blondes are easy, when really they aren't. You should not change for him, i have never dyed my hair and i never intend to even if my boyfriend said e prefered someone with black hair. I think a boy shou... (read in full...)

Tips for talking to girls please

Q.   Hi i am an 18 year old male. I came out of a 3 year relationship a few months ago, i think i should mention this was my first relationship. And i dont really have many female freinds so to be honest i do not know how to talk to girls.Es...

A.   13 May 2011: well first off you dont want to be pushy. dont invade her personal space unless she invites you to first. id say other than personal space rules and other etiquette rules you should just be yourself. its the best way. you just need to get out ... (read in full...)

How can I avoid turning into my parents?

Q.   I'm 24 and I'm afraid of this happening one day. I don't like my father, he's always in a foul mood, he's very negative. So I don't like being near him much. He tries and rules the house through fear. He sears and yells alot. Not a good way to ...

A.   8 May 2011: your already not like him, you've said that his way is not the way to communicate. children always grow up different from their parents. my father struggled with alcohol a few years ago and through seeing what that did to him ive vowed never to t... (read in full...)

Worried about my contraceptive pill?

Q.   Hey there. I'm currently on the microgynon contraceptive pill and I'm having a few queries and was wondering if anyone could help? Ive been taking them for about 8 months now. I was told at the doctor to take them everyday for 3 weeks and then s...

A.   6 May 2011: are you sure your taking it right? you take it for 21 days and then have a week and a day break. im on the same pill as you and i can tell you what day and time ill come on to my period. i take my pill at 11pm every night for 21 days and i finish... (read in full...)

Should I give my abusive boyfriend a second chance?

Q.   Dear all, I'm 26 yrs old and I'm an introvert. I've been with my boyfriend for 8 months and within this short period he's showed me acts of violence 4 times already! It include: spitting, strangling, hitting, pushing and all the worst parts you ...

A.   3 May 2011: No i dont think you should give him another chance, this man tried to kill you!!!!!! he actually attempted to KILL you. i think you should leave him and before you get into any other kind of relationship i think you should go and see a counsell... (read in full...)

Should a guy really forgive a girl for being rude because she is on her period?

Q.   Is a woman's cycle really a reason to forgive her sudden bitchiness? ...

A.   2 May 2011: i think you can forgive her within good reason if shes been moody (not bitchy because if you said that to her you deserve a bit of anger)but then later apologises and says shes been a bit emotional then yes forgive her because shes said sorry. s... (read in full...)

How do boys act when jealous?

Q.   How do boys act when they get jealous? ...

A.   1 May 2011: well my boyfriend likes to have a hand on me, like when hes jealous hell touch my arm and kiss me just to reassure himself that im his. He likes ot reaffirm his position as my boyfriend so he holds me. ... (read in full...)

Is he afraid my boyfriend will beat him up so he doesn't talk to me anymore?

Q.   I have a boyfriend (the father of my baby) who i dont love anymore from being being violent and abusive towards me, we are on 2 years now and me and my neighbor have been friends since me and my boyfriend and our daughter moved into the flat in ...

A.   1 May 2011: oh honey this really isnt what you shoud lbe worrying about. Your boyfriend is a busive towards you. You need to get out of the relationship. what if he got worse and hit your child? Please for the sake of your child leave this man, go and live... (read in full...)

How do I catch my boyfriend cheating?

Q.   My boyfriend is cheatin on me nd he is denaing it pls how cn i catch him redhanded...

A.   1 May 2011: do you have proof that hes cheating? ... (read in full...)

He's ONLY hit me twice recently. But should I end this relationship?

Q.   My partner used to physicaly and mentaly abuse me. it became worse during my pregnancy , and i miscarried. After this he became better for a while and has only hit me twice in serious arguments. i still can't get over how he treated me and even tho...

A.   1 May 2011: Honey you should have left him the first time he hit you. I'm surprised it didn't click when you happened to miscarry your baby after he abused you. Just think it got worse when you were pregnant what will happen the next time you get pregnant... (read in full...)

Boyfriend becoming a control freak!

Q.   i think my bf is becoming a control freak. we have been seeing each other for 13 months and he has been great, nothing like as controlative as he has been in the last 3 months. he is buying me clothes, telling me what to wear, telling me how to wear ...

A.   1 May 2011: i think you should tell him no. Tell him that he's hurting you with what he's doing. This is ridiculous, opening a bank account in case you want a boob job. I think you need to take a stand and tell him that if he doesn't calm down your going to... (read in full...)

Question about wet dreams

Q.   ok guys (and girls too) what do you feel would bother you the most.. a. your girlfriend has a wet dream about doing it with someone other than you. or b.your girlfriend has a dream about having sex with you, but it sucked really really bad.. t...

A.   30 April 2011: ive said this to another poster who had a vageuly similar problem to yours. Dreams are uncosncious wishes, either FOR something to happen or for it NOT to happen. This could be with both cases, she doesnt want to be with anyone else and shes sca... (read in full...)

What are these places on my skin?

Q.   m havin problems wth my skin. It ol starts wth an extreme pain t a certain position n after a day or so the pain stops but a small coloured patch starts to develop, it sort f changes from green to black. I once had one on my leg but i used a ...

A.   30 April 2011: This doesn't sound right at all. i think you should go and see your doctor, i've never heard of anything like this before, and believe me i've had a few weird cases with my body in the should go see your doctor. ... (read in full...)

Why is first love so hard to get over?

Q.   Why is first love so hard to get over? It's been 15 months since my girlfriend dumped but I still find it tough getting over here. Every night, I see here appearing in my dreams. any help from you guys in this regard would truly be appreciated. ...

A.   29 April 2011: aww honey, it isnt just first love thats hard to get over. If you're ever truly in love when it ends its har to get over. The remedy is time, and lots and lots of pampering. Spend time on yourself, concentrate on yourself, you can be a little self... (read in full...)

I found a text from another woman and it's tearing me apart!

Q.   hi i neeed some help.. i would realy appreciate every reply Basically I have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years our relationship was going extremely well we were like sole mates we trusted each other with all our heart..I could feel his l...

A.   22 April 2011: you cant move on. things like this dont just disappear, i know that you want them to but it just isnt going to happen. if you think of what hes said hes basically blamed it on you, you said that he blamed it on not getting attention for th... (read in full...)

Am I too old fashioned about sex?

Q.   It seems everyone is having sex these days. I'm only fifteen but I believe in 'no sex before marriage', I don't know why I believe in this because none of my family do. Everyone at school says I should try having sex with someone, I'm not at all ...

A.   18 April 2011: I'm so glad to hear a girl your age feels like this, i hate seeing girls your age flaunting themselves and having sex willy nilly. I say this to every one, your virginity is a gift - i know cheesy right? but you never get it back once youve give... (read in full...)

Is it wrong if my boy friend is 8 months younger than me?

Q.   im 14 and my boyfriend is 8 months younger than me people keep saying that its wrong because im older insted of the guy is it?...

A.   17 April 2011: hes only 8 months, its not a year. so your birthdays are 8 months apart your still the same age. ... (read in full...)

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