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What is the honest purpose of your relationship?

This question has 2 answers by readers of DearCupid.ORG.
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26 May 2010: When in a relationship with a guy/girl, just think to your self, do you really love your partner? Or are you in the relationship for fun? just think about that for a few minutes. Most people say, "I love him/her." But they really don't their just in ...

Is it normal for a 27 year old guy to get upset when he doesn't get sex?

Q.   Dear cupid... Me and my boyfriend has got a few problems that we can't seem to overcome. This makes us both very frustrated. He obviously think that we not having enough sex. I don't always have that urge to have sex for some reason I don't e...

A.   26 May 2010: It's only normal if the guy is a wimp, if the guy is a tough nut, it clearly isn't normal... (read in full...)

I am ginger with glasses, how do I make myself more attractive?

Q.   I am ginger with glasses and people give me a har time over it. How do I make mysel more attractive without dyeing my hair (I love my hair as it is) or getting contacts....

A.   26 May 2010: Try and wear more sexier clothes without over doing it. It worked for my wife because she is a red-head before we met she said no-one found her attractive until she started wearing clothes that made her look hot.... (read in full...)


Q.   "OPs own title" since I was a kid I could see dead ghost or spirits and I could see the future at random as long as I can remember I m now 15 and I have seen thousands of docters and they all say nothing is wrong with me but why do I still see these ...

A.   26 May 2010: This thing you are experiencing is in a way normal... To be honest you could be a spiritualist medium and shouldn't be afraid to admit it... (read in full...)

My father is disgusting

Q.   Recently I accidentally came across my dad's pervert folder. No, this is not normal, this isn't just a few X-rated videos. Let me put this in perspective for you. My dad is the nice guy of the family. He's everyone's favorite relative. I fou...

A.   26 May 2010: You shouldn't hide it from your mum... I had the same problem with my Brother-in-law, and I went and told my sister about it. Even though it took me 3 years to tell her. But your mum has a right to know about what he is doing behind her back.... (read in full...)

Do I give up my dream for my girlfriend or my girlfriend for my dream?

Q.   Hi all, Since a young age I have wanted to move abroad. My rule of life is that the world is a large place and England is almost nothing on the globe, so go and explore!! I am 19 now and I know it will be years until I have the funds, ...

A.   26 May 2010: What you should do... If your Girlfriend Doesn't want to go, you should want to take on board her feelings as well as your own. If you find that doesn't help, just stay with your Girlfriend if you love her... (read in full...)

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