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From Kansas

A questions for all the guys out there: Girl A, Girl B, or Girl C?

Q.   My question is not because I would ever change myself. I just want to hear what guys actually and truly think. I'm going to name three stereotypical girls. (Only sort of stereotypical, mainly just three different personalities). Tell me which you ...

A.   25 March 2010: B C A... (read in full...)

He's tight with his money! Am I being petty here?

Q.   Iv been seeing my fella for nearly 8 months now and he says he loves me, he works as a banker yet i feel he's a bit tight with his money.When i needed a new mobile phone i didn't ask him to buy me one but he was off ebay and second hand.He ...

A.   24 March 2010: Are you his mistress or something? Don't either of you have your own place but anyways, yeah he's cheap. ... (read in full...)

What can I say to him to minimize the hurt?

Q.   I feel very upset and down in the dumps over my ex. We split up 6 months ago, he ended things because we weren't socially compatible (I like going out and he doesn't!). I was gutted and fought for him to take me back, coming up with solutions, and ...

A.   30 November 2008: If he loved you than he wouldn't of let you go. It's been 6 months and this guy just got bored or something or heard you were in a new relationship and wants to see how far you'll bend when he calls. Stay with your current man or go at it singl... (read in full...)

How do you get a boy to like you? Any tips?

Q.   hi im 15... how do u get a teenage boy to fancy you?...

A.   2 March 2008: The 1st thing you are going to have to do is change ur mentality. A boy is lucky if you like him so it ain't the other way around. You start thinkin like that and the boys will start knockin down your door.... (read in full...)

How can I tell if he enjoyed it?

Q.   I gave my first handjob yesterday and I'm not sure if I pleased him or not, I honestly don't feel as if I did. He did bust and he was breathing heavy afterwards, but I'm still not sure. Does anyone know how to tell if he liked it or not without ...

A.   2 March 2008: little lady, this would be a moment between you and your man and not someting to be advertising to the world. men want a woman who keeps their business in the bedroom. ... (read in full...)

Should I wait for a "real" reply from this other girl?

Q.   See here's the problem... I am 15 and I've been going out with someone for six months today actually... but there is another girl at air cadets that I can't stop thinking about and I've told her how I feel and I asked her how she feels and she has ...

A.   2 March 2008: You gotta learn to be a man and that means you act like one and that don't mean waiting for a woman to make your mind up for you. Pick your direction and stay true to it just like any other thing in life. ... (read in full...)

What makes you mistresses of this world think you're so special?

Q.   I have been criticized on my backlashing women who sleep with married men,,,and that I dont attack the men....WRONG...the men are the scumbags in this whole ordeal... Now my question, if these men are scumbags, and these women say that the wife wil...

A.   2 March 2008: outside marriage, men don't change with a woman but they change 4 a new woman. With a wife a man that stays can learn to love her right and becomes a new man. this dont happen with a mistress. ... (read in full...)

Do you think she is unstable? Is there something wrong with me? Have I just been used all of these years?

Q.   I am struggling to understand and very hurt, I need help, someone to talk to. My fiancé and I have been together for 10 years. I started going with her shortly after she went through her second divorce. We have had the classic ups and downs in...

A.   2 March 2008: u got hit to hard with ur mamas rollin pin. put yr boots on and hang yr hat cuz this pretty lady gonna get more and more ugly. ... (read in full...)

Worried about being with a girl in the same school/college.

Q.   Hello, I'm fifteen and I'm a having girlfriend problems. I was going out with a girl who, I had had crush on for like 1 and a half years. We go to the same school. Now, I knew it would no doubt go wrong because whenever I have gone out with a girl ...

A.   2 March 2008: u learn ur confidence now. hidin from women is the same as disrespetin them and ur self. u make eye contact and smile even if it kills ya. try that on cause it will fit... (read in full...)

How can I get rid of or camouflage these stretchmarks on my shoulders?

Q.   This isn't a relationship question but Ii need a bit of advice. I'm in year 11 at school, I'm 15 and I have my school leavers prom coming up in May. Well as you do to a prom, I have to wear a dress which I'm not really bothered about but most o...

A.   2 March 2008: me i like a real woman stretch marks and all. wear ur growin pains like a warrior and dont hide ur body in shame. u r beatiful with all ur scars... (read in full...)

I want a baby, but he doesn't - due to financial reasons. What do I do?

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend for about 3 years and for a while now I have been wanting to have a baby with him. I have tried to talk to him about it and every time he tells me that he is not financially ready. We both have good jobs and make good ...

A.   2 March 2008: u r in a no win situation if u stay w him only. find a husband who wants kids, he is a boyfriend who dont want what u do. hes got about 5 to 10 more yrs b4 he decides different or with a new woman he will change. ... (read in full...)

How can I snoop on my boyfriend's cell phone to see if he's been looking at porn?

Q.   How can I snoop on my boyfriend's cell phone to see if he's been looking at porn? How do you find out? Do you look at the Internet options on the phone? Please give me some help, I'm so nosy, but I don't want him to know I looked at his phone-ugh. ...

A.   1 March 2008: and why r u with this guy again? why is he with u?... (read in full...)

Back with my boyfriend but tempted by another guy.

Q.   Ok so I kinda have a bit of a problem, I'm 16 by the way, my boyfriend is too. I have been with this guy 2 months we had a few arguements and went through a bit of a bad patch and broke up. In the time I was single I met an old friend from prim...

A.   1 March 2008: How conveneint he likes u now. Why did he wait for when you got a boyfriend,the x? If u like him so much, dump ur boyfriend, you r not doing anyone any favors what u r doing now ... (read in full...)

How can a man be abusive with one partner but not with the next?

Q.   How can a man be physically and emotionally abusive and controlling with one partner but not with the next? Hitting a woman is wrong, most of us believe that to be true and that it is also wrong to blame it on the woman, saying she provoked him. If ...

A.   1 March 2008: What makes u believe what u are hearing is true? Why would he admit he hits his new woman? He probably is just the same. ... (read in full...)

Do you still get your periods if you are pregnant?

Q.   Will u still get your period if you are pregnant?...

A.   1 March 2008: It is possible and common for women to experience period like bleeding when pregnant. However, when hCG is released into the body it tells the ovaries to release progesterone which prevents menstruation. In fact, a very big reason many women do not ... (read in full...)

We rowed like we never have before after his ex called...was I so wrong in what I said??

Q.   Please help me. When I first met my boyfriend I'd known of him for 6 years, working together in a mental health hospital. I had originally asked him out over email before I left my job. Then after I'd been seeing him for 3 months, I found out that...

A.   26 February 2008: maybe i take offence to this whole thing that they are saying about the ex because i have battled clinical depression on and off my whole life and i know how it is to have people use that against you. Holding a lie 3mts is also a long time but u ... (read in full...)

How to get her more attracted to me, by specific gestures?

Q.   yo, does anyone have an idea how i can get someone turned on/want me without something sexual, some kind of a gesture? I'm average built but a little heavy i'm willing to work on it any ideas? (specific exercises would help) ...

A.   26 February 2008: make good eye contact and don't get too close, be unassuming and watch her body language, it will tell you a lot ... (read in full...)

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